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24 / Male / Single
United States
Good Day to you Dearies, It's so nice to meet you all and I'm glad to talk with so many of you fascinating people.

Most of my plots like to base around fantasy, romance, and a few other minor ones but always happy to try new things.

My rules are strict but few so I do hope you don't mind one bit

* Third person only, please
* Paragraph or longer length please as I do love detail sweeties
* Please tell me if there is anything else I need to work on
*If you add me for the love of God message me first.

Latest Questions

Q. I don't mean to keep asking. But are you alright?
A. yes I'm fine, just don't worry and asking if I'm alright <3
 May 28th 2018 11:28

Spawn317 asked the question
Q. Hey just checking on you we seem to be setting up a really elaborate rp and thenyou just disaapread, want to make sure you are okay.
A. oh I was okay, had to do some, ummm personal things. Hehe
 Mar 20th 2018 19:00

Latest Comments

Just wanted to pop on and let you know I do intend to reply. Just been struggling a lot lately
Jan 2nd 2022 02:57

Tysm for adding me! ♥️
Dec 18th 2021 05:14

Top tier roleplayer. Excellent length replies with in depth detail, as well as a very fun plot. Stop reading my comment and add her already!
Jan 17th 2021 20:24

Sorry I haven't been on a lot, will be on a bunch tomarrow
Mar 25th 2018 00:32

Hey how you doing with your finger? I know it's silly but I am worried. Does it hurt at all?
Mar 15th 2018 06:58

You gonna reply, your posting statuses?
Feb 21st 2018 09:06

Hey stranger. I miss RPing with you.
Jan 24th 2018 06:09

You havent replied and you are posting statuses, it makes me feel like you are ignoring me.
Jan 21st 2018 23:32

Hey there, how's you? Want to continue our rp?
Oct 25th 2016 01:33

Hey there, want to continue our rp?
Oct 21st 2016 03:48