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Apologies for not replying in a few days, got second covid shot and the side effects decided to go on a roller coaster.
2  Jun 9th 2021 16:52

Latest Questions

MonaRose asked the question
Q. How the rp so far?
A. good, just taking a small break for the morning since it's 4am here.
 Sep 10th 2018 04:05

Q. I don't mean to keep asking. But are you alright?
A. yes I'm fine, just don't worry and asking if I'm alright <3
 May 28th 2018 11:28

Latest Comments

Somehow the site doesn't let me send messages, so know I tried lol
May 10th 2021 04:20

Top tier roleplayer. Excellent length replies with in depth detail, as well as a very fun plot. Stop reading my comment and add her already!
Jan 17th 2021 20:24

Sep 12th 2018 02:26

Sorry I haven't been on a lot, will be on a bunch tomarrow
Mar 25th 2018 00:32

Hey how you doing with your finger? I know it's silly but I am worried. Does it hurt at all?
Mar 15th 2018 06:58

You gonna reply, your posting statuses?
Feb 21st 2018 09:06

Hey stranger. I miss RPing with you.
Jan 24th 2018 06:09

You havent replied and you are posting statuses, it makes me feel like you are ignoring me.
Jan 21st 2018 23:32

Hey there, how's you? Want to continue our rp?
Oct 25th 2016 01:33

Hey there, want to continue our rp?
Oct 21st 2016 03:48