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(Hayley Marshall)
22 / Female / Single
Virginia - United States
My character is a female werewolf. I’m open to any rp/ideas. She’s more or a OC. She can turn into a werewolf whenever she wants. She hast strength and speed in her regular human form. And in her werewolf form she’s to her fullest speed and strength. In human form she has her limits. She has NOT been spayed/fixed.

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I recently became a Twilight fan because of Netflix and I can’t believe I missed out on such an awesome franchise ♥️
1  9 hours ago

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Q. How are you
A. Fine and you?
 Jan 14th 2022 15:18

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Thanks for accepting. ❤️
21 hours ago

your welcome
Jan 18th 2022 07:40

Whats up
Jan 17th 2022 23:09

Jan 16th 2022 19:45

your welcome
Jan 16th 2022 18:27

I'm glad you accepted the add! <3
Jan 15th 2022 14:21

I replied lol
Jan 15th 2022 04:54

No problem, I look forward to roleplaying with you♥
Jan 15th 2022 02:14

Greetings Little Wolf, you are welcome, I am glad to add you as a friend. I found your profile very inviting and informative. I would love to write with you. - A.
Jan 15th 2022 02:08

Hello friend
Jan 14th 2022 20:51