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(Xeno Bright)
19 / Other / Single
Wisconsin - United States
Xeno is a trans man who has not gotten too far in the process of transitioning. He is gay, understand that. If you are a woman or [email protected], do not bother because he nor I will be interested in doing a roleplay with you, but if you are a female that can play males, then I wouldn't mind you adding me...
Lots of dark themes will be included in roleplays that I found with you because Xeno has a very tragic backstory, expect mentions of [email protected], abuse, and suicide. Expect more to come soon.
Check out our blogs on fandoms and genres and his info.
Mun is a non-binary! Don't be creepy, please. Since Xeno is Demisexual don't expect immediate romance from the start, it needs to be built up.
Fine with random starts!

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To everyone that's waiting for a reply, I'm at a friend's house and we've been doing a lot of stuff so I have very little time to reply. But I'm getting to replies now!
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