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Q. Do you still want to role play?
A. Yes but I'm not always going to answer within the next hour. I have a full plate in real life and won't always be the quickest to respond because of it.
 Dec 13th 2017 22:49

Latest Comments

How are you miss MIA... Hope you're well boo
Aug 26th 2021 16:19

Hey stranger
Jun 7th 2021 11:25

I am loving this twisted unpredictably creative world we have made.
Feb 23rd 2021 22:14

Good morning hope im not bothering you. Hope everythings okay and your enjoying your day
Dec 6th 2020 15:04

I hope your enjoying are roleplay!
Aug 30th 2020 21:36

Missin' you and our rp <3 Hope you'll be back soon! take care!
Apr 7th 2020 15:53

hey i'm back from hiatus
Feb 27th 2020 15:16

no worries i guessed it ^_^
Jan 12th 2020 10:31

see ya in the morning~ gotta sleep ^_^ <333
Jan 8th 2020 14:47

sorry~ i had school
Jan 8th 2020 08:45