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22 / Female / Single
New York - United States
Welcome, I hope we get the chance to rp together!

I haven't got too much to say other than the fact that my list of characters is in my blog. Still a work in progress, I have more oc's that aren't written in the blog yet so please ask!

As for rules, I'm relatively lenient but I should include:
- Please be literate.
- No text talk
- At least 3 sentences of response
- Try to have proper grammar and punctuation, at least enough so that I can understand your posts
- No God-Modding

Word of advice:
- Don't have your character constantly running off, it gets boring when my only response is to chase after them.
- While plot twists are much encouraged, try not to have every dramatic plot twist under the sun. It just makes it less realistic.
- **In improv, the rule of thumb is to say 'yes, and'. This means go with whatever flow the rp is going in, but also add additional information. Too many times I've rped with people who basically reiterate what I say in my post, making it difficult for the story to progress.
- Please help when coming up with a plot. At the very least, give me a genre to work with and I'll do the rest, with your input. Simply saying 'I don't care' or 'whatever is fine' is sort of a red flag for an rp that's not going to go anywhere.

If you've read this far, thank you! Feel free to pm me at any time, whether it be to start an rp, get some writing tips, get some advice on life, or just to talk about your day. I'm here to listen and give any feedback I can, as well as provide detailed rp's.

Latest Questions

Q. Do you want to be my everything? <3
A. I thought I already was ;)
 Aug 29th 2019 14:09

Q. Do you still want to role play?
A. Yes but I'm not always going to answer within the next hour. I have a full plate in real life and won't always be the quickest to respond because of it.
 Dec 13th 2017 22:49

Latest Comments

jess did i offend you
Jan 17th 2021 13:11

Good morning hope im not bothering you. Hope everythings okay and your enjoying your day
Dec 6th 2020 15:04

I hope your enjoying are roleplay!
Aug 30th 2020 21:36

Missin' you and our rp <3 Hope you'll be back soon! take care!
Apr 7th 2020 15:53

hey i'm back from hiatus
Feb 27th 2020 15:16

no worries i guessed it ^_^
Jan 12th 2020 10:31

see ya in the morning~ gotta sleep ^_^ <333
Jan 8th 2020 14:47

sorry~ i had school
Jan 8th 2020 08:45

chat for a few ?...perhaps we can work something out ?
Dec 28th 2019 16:25

Did you forget about me?
Dec 28th 2019 02:07