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Peeking in and out from around corners…
0  Dec 3rd 2021 22:01

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STRINGS asked the question
Q. "Here's that recipe book, as promised!" Puppeteer chimed, handing a notebook over to Jane. "I left some extra space at the end in case you found something you liked and wanted to write it down!"
A. Jane visibly perked up at the sight of her favorite companion. She accepted his gift without hesitation and began flipping through its pages. “Thank you so much. You are so thoughtful.” ♡
 Jun 20th 2021 16:34

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The reason why clockwork had disappeared was because she had some personal issues to take care of. Her gaze snaps towards her friend, a bright smile forming upon her lips; stitches stretching a bit in the process. "Jane!" Within seconds she was before the other. "Haha yeah I'm staying. I've finished my business and am home as you can see." Her gaze soon goes to the whisky, her smile growing a bit. "Oh that sounds perfect."

| Once I can get this stupid reply right xD
Oct 8th 2021 19:57

"Hey, that's a good thing." Brian gave a quick nod. "Normal isn't easy to achieve, but is usually good. Some people aren't meant to be normal though. Like me." He laughed a little. He's given up on trying to be normal. No hope when you've got a whole other personality you can't do much to control.
Sep 24th 2021 19:07

She took a moment to recognize what it was, then a huge smile spread across her face. "I happen to love Edgar Allen Poe! This is amazing! Thank you so much, Jane!"
Jan 6th 2021 12:04

The blond nodded his head slowly. "Yeah, pretty surprising. You're not usually in one place for very long, right? Especially not around here. But it's nice having you around. So I have no complaints." He chuckled a little bit and yawned.
Jan 6th 2021 11:52

"Oh, it's fine, Jane! I still appreciate it!" The eyeless female smiles sweetly at her.
Jan 2nd 2021 11:43

"I could always be better. But I can certainly be worse too. How about you, Jane?" The male replied casually, his blue-grey eyes watching her quietly with his hands in his pocket.
Dec 26th 2020 14:58

"Huh. Jane. Didn't think I'd see you again, but it's a pleasant surprise, for sure." The dirty-blond Proxy chuckled a little.
Dec 24th 2020 15:13

ill help you find jeff the killer
Dec 23rd 2020 11:32

Howdy there neighbor I'm just your average crummyjoke told in an unfunny way if ya ever wanna rp or talk I'm here for ya so yeah have fun.
Dec 21st 2020 22:58

[ But of course, m'dear! Welcome. ❤ ]
Dec 21st 2020 19:00