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(Aksel Wijers)
22 / Male / Single
Oslo, Norway
I’m a very dark individual.

I am Aksel Wijers. Born to a Dutch father and a Norwegian mother. I was born in the the Netherlands but moved to the Philippines when I was 9. At 14 my family decided to move us to Norway.

In 2015 I think, I was attending a metal festival. I met these guys and I was the last addition to Helvete.

I’m a Norwegian-Dutch-Filipino symphonic black metal drummer.
I’m a nyctophiliac.

Stuff About Myself ~

Favorite music genres?
* Black Metal
* Symphonic Black Metal
* Blacked Death Metal
* Death Metal
* Melodic Death Metal

* Drums
* Cello
* Writing
* Hiking
* World Traveling

Favorite color?
* Black (duh.)

I have a pig.

Visited Countries?
* Philippines
* Netherlands
* Norway
* Sweden
* Finland
* Denmark
* Germany
* Russia
* United Kingdom
* England
* New Zealand
* Poland
* United States

* Mareritt
* Fantomdöd

Latest Comments

A pleasure to make yours, too!
May 20th 2020 00:09

Thanks for accepting!
Oct 20th 2019 22:11

Eheh, it’s really a pleasure to meet you!!
Jun 26th 2019 23:37

The pleasure is all mine.
Jun 26th 2019 23:30