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(Lilith Neko)
26 / Female / Single
California - United States
(Note, my character will always start rps as an adult, and her curse may or may not trigger at your discretion)

Lilith is a witch, and she runs a pretty lucrative magic shop with plenty of customers. Not to long back however she came across an odd spell in her book that was simply titled "act your age". A bit curious she decided to try it out. After getting all the ingredients together she read the instructions out and and did every thing right. She drank the potion, spoke the words, but nothing seemed to happen. A bit bummed out the witch went to bed but left the TV on. The last thing she heard before she drifted off to sleep was oddly enough the number 6. When she woke up the next morning she was swimming in a rather large blanket that she didn't remember being so large. Looking at her self she found she was now only 6 years old. Going back to her spell book she looked back at the spell. Finding two pages stuck together she pulled them open finding the real explanation for the "spell". It read, " the 'act your age' curse is meant for those uptight people that think there the greatest. Simply trick the target into drinking the potion and then, when there at a moment of pure content, just before also works best, simply speak a number. In a matter of minutes they will become that age. There is no actual cure, but the effects wear off after a few weeks, until another number is spoken." Looking down at her small from she blushed darkly feeling rather stupid for trying. After a bit of testing age found that even any number spoken while she was being petted would carry out the same effects. She sighed a bit and decided to go on with her daily life for now, though it would be a bit hard for a 6 year old to run a store for a few weeks. All she wanted to do was play. (Since there's been some confusion. She is not stuck at 6. The curse will cause her at times to become younger)

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