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That's what I thought too. It felt just as real watching 'top of the hill', which actually might be my favorite one.
May 23rd 2020 00:22

I like that it even seemed relative to our AU, being that she was wearing a school uniform too.
May 22nd 2020 23:18

I've watched a couple of them more than once. Hah.
May 22nd 2020 22:57

That's a great modern edit. Loved it.
May 22nd 2020 22:32

Yes, thank you! I thought that was ludicrous. I never for an instant had the impression that she was disappointed. As you said, it was obvious she was dwelling on the inevitable war that was coming, one she expected both of them to die in.
May 3rd 2020 12:51

If I recall correctly, I believe it was said to be a scene in which Gendry wakes up before the battle. Unfortunately there weren’t many details given. What we do know from this though, at least, is Arya didn’t leave him there alone
May 2nd 2020 23:44

It's really a shame, I know. I heard Joe and Maisie filmed one more scene together that was never released to us.
May 2nd 2020 22:56

And the proposal was after Arya had defeated the Night King. I don't think that's something any ordinary girl can say they're capable of and he knows that. Gendry sees Arya for who she is and he's attracted to that.
May 2nd 2020 22:20

Right. And I think she figured he expected her to conform to the duties and tasks that come with being a Lord's wife. He wouldn't have though, in fact, I don't think he would have fallen for Arya like he did if she had been ladylike.
May 2nd 2020 21:41

I know. I think it would take Gendry a lot of time to get over Arya, and even then she would always have a place in his heart. Plus if he were to marry another, I doubt Arya would be okay with that if she were to hear that news -- despite rejecting him herself.
May 2nd 2020 21:15