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(Kitten (Not Really Here Anymore) )
32 / Female / In a Relationship
United States
Hello, you can call me Kitten if we are not rping.
My age and status are correct. I will change my status if it changes.

I'm pretty open to most rps, even willing to try ones I haven't tried before. Although most do end up being romantic, so I do ask that you be single too. I'm not going to be someone who messed up a relationship.

I am bi, so I am willing to rp with anyone. As long as they meet the two above things. Also please have a look at my rules before asking me to rp. Thank you...

Here are my rules (I did it real fast so I will be fixing it as time goes by)

I have just gotten back from a very very long break away from rping and basically all online chatting, so I'm a bit rusty. I don't know how well I will be, so please forgive me if my replies aren't very long...or if my rp style changes. I have to find rp me again, if that makes any sense.

I used to have an account on here but seeing as how I was gone for years I sadly I lost it, including all the characters I had done.
I have started to slowly add some characters and will continue to add more as I come up with them. If there is a rp you want to do that I don’t have a character for yet, I will make one.

In my blog you can find a rough draft of rps ideas I kind of have, and the few characters I have come up with so far...

I'm not on here very often so if you would like to talk or rp over discord just let me know.

Also if your on my friends list and I haven't heard from you in a while I will delete you. I feel bad about it and I am very sorry. This includes adding me and not saying anything after a week.