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BadBoy17 asked the question
Q. Wanna date?
A. Like in a rp?
 Jan 22nd 2019 13:14

Q. I would like apologise I can't write alot
A. it's alright
 May 30th 2018 21:39

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Dec 2nd 2021 00:13

I love our story~
Nov 23rd 2021 20:26

Yeah, the time's just not showing up.
Nov 22nd 2021 05:06

The messages between us are literally not working. I dunno what to do. This site is so half-baked.
Nov 20th 2021 02:21

Nov 19th 2021 23:56

Nov 18th 2021 21:29

Nov 17th 2021 09:30

Hey sorry I was at work!)
Nov 16th 2021 00:16

Nov 15th 2021 15:11

Reply more frequently please. On message every 24 hours is well lacking
Nov 14th 2021 00:49