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(Jonathan Hemeros)
22 / Male / Single

Hello fellow humans and non humans! My name is Jonathan Hemeros, but you may call me Jon if you want to. Well in short I work as a paranormal investigator, ya know a guy who hunt ghosts and aliens and such stuff. Sadly most cases end up being hoaxes and some jokes, funny in short terms, but tiring and boring in the long run. Hmmm is this like a CV or something? Well I have skills in judo, green belt but dropped out because of...personal stuff but hey! I've worked in retail for a couple of months, until I broke my arm in a fight with a large guy much taller and stronger than me who refused to pay a freakin dollar more for that damn milk!

I was raised in a single mothers home, I really didn't get to know my father and mom didn't really talk about him til she died of cancer last year. My interests range from technology, art, video games, shows and sciences such as biology, zoology, anatomy, astronomy and much, no degree in em but hey I'm working on it.

Do I ramble on and on? If so, I am sorry and I will keep quiet...

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▪▪▪Thank you for adding me. Hope we could rp soon.▪▪▪
Mar 2nd 2019 01:17