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LianBi's Blog

1st marriage.

Since Song accepted, the marriage was set. He didn't even bother to mention anything to QinShi until the 'game was set'.
It was, basically, a 'you are getting married tomorrow' kind of announcement for the poor Grand Prince.
And as imaginable, he wasn't happy at all to receive the news. He even went to try to speak with LianBi, to explain his position and to convince him to change his mind, but the answer was 'you wanted to be in the Court, now live like a member of the Court'.

Rest was only forcedly getting prepared for the wedding by the servants and tailors.

Guessing that Song won't mind and since he doesn't want to make too much noise to reach the ears of all the annoying Sacred Blood around, LianBi decides the wedding to be quite discreet and private. A bit like Eun's wedding in Scarlet Heart, them two, the Emperor, MeiXi and the priests for the religious rite.

QinShi looks as happy as if he was taking part to his own funeral. He also looks stunned and somewhat overwhelmed by the whole thing.
Before the end of the ceremony, the Priestess of Sethi draw on their arms the special dot that will disappear on its own only after they consummate the wedding and that'd be the moment when the marriage would become official.
*It's a common thing in every marriage, not a special treatment for the 'happiest couple' in Xhuanghen.

Gifts for the couple, secret bets among the little eunuchs on how long will the marriage last, some food and off they go, to Zhou Palace.
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His point of view.

When did he send QinShi away?
Days after their family was exterminated by the forces of the late General Yung.

At first it was to spare him from the horror of serving under the IAs with him, to keep him safe from everything that was supposed to come. He counted on taking him back as soon as he'd be on the throne. But then, the first years after the civil war weren't easy for him. There were still many dangerous people and traitors in the court, taking his little brother back didn't seem as a wise thing to do, as someone could use him to damage him or to blackmail him.
When his position as Emperor was finally stabilized, Kimahad'Ru declared war and he had to leave for the battlefields. What would be the point to take QinShi away from safety to get him into a nation at war?
Then...? The First Prince was born, almost casually. And LianBi's whole view on everything changed exponentially. Even more as the Second Prince came to life too and the various 'supporters' of the 'heirs' started to show up.
If there is one thing history taught is that the 'Grand Prince' never has a good end, that is, unless the Emperor and his Princes have a bad end before him.
LianBi realized that by then QinShi was close to become adult and that in truth he didn't know anything about what kind of person he grew to become. How could he trust him, where beside blood, he knew absolutely nothing about him?

So... he gave him protectors, he sent all the money that he could ever need, supported his every plan and decision, but never wanted him to return to Xhuanghen. He wanted him to have the best life he could have, just far away from the Court, where he could be corrupted and set-up.
He really didn't want him to come back at all, he hoped he'd eventually get himself a family and even forget about his older brother, but clearly that wasn't supposed to happen.

After his return to Xhuanghen was revealed and he was escorted to the Palace, LianBi's mood and frustration only worsened. He is genuinely worried that he could plot against his children and him to get to the throne, or that even if he was not like that, he'd just become another part of that war for the throne the three Princes are already inside of. Last he needs is another burden to carry, another person to be framed and pushed towards evil just to benefit the interest of some minister. He can't allow that.
If there is one thing he feels he must do immediately that is to get rid of his brother in some way. Naturally he will not get him killed nor harmed out of a future possibility, so he really needs to think.
But before that, he sent some Palace Guards to check the place where QinShi was staying.

What did they find there? A bunch of worrying substances that would let anyone guess he is under all sort of addictions.
LianBi orders the Alchemists of the nursery to check all those things to find out what it is.

Meanwhile, he also gets to hear that his nephew Song is looking for a convenient marriage to restore the honour of the Zhou family. Daebak! What a better candidate than the Grand Prince, the brother of the Emperor himself? Politically speaking, that's actually a very convenient marriage under every possible point of view, since it also strengthens the union between Huang and Zhou families, also indirectly benefitting the Second Prince.

He is in the throne room, waiting for the arrival of Song. He expects all sort of negative reaction but he is very well willing to force him, because he has to send that brat away from the Palace or he won't be able to sleep anymore.
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It's afternoon and as everyday at that time, he is reading the reports coming from the various parts of the nation, when someone asks for an audience.
He allows the person to come inside.
It's an Imperial Guard, sent by General Zhendong himself.
The man approaches, kneels and prostrates himself to the Emperor. "Shiix Xu, Jeonha... I was sent to inform you that, earlier this afternoon, in the outskirts of Taifuan... your... nephew was caught in the attempt of robbing a passerby..."
"My nephew?" he asks, baffled. There must be a mistake.
He quickly reviews each of his nephews in his mind: Liang, son of the Archduke of Suhyen, third richest person in the country; Florian, the son of the King of Heinmenhos... a Castle, the richest family of the whole North; Song, the minister of finance and second richest man in Xhuanghen after himself, the Emperor, and his younger brother Jin, obviously rich enough to never possibly lack a thing in life.
"Ye, Jeonha... even General Zhendong struggled to believe it..."
"Who is this nephew then?"
"Lord Zhou JinGoo, Jeonha..."
He blinks, thinking about it. After a brief reflection, he comes to the conclusion that it is simply impossible. "There must have been a misunderstanding. What was he trying to take? Were there witnesses at all? Who reported him?"
The guard looks very uneasy and nervous. "Jeonha... I caught him on the fact. He beat the man... I reached him just a moment before he took the purse and started to run."
He shakes his head. "Why in the world would someone as rich as him do something like that? It's nonsense!"
"Please Jeonha, I'm only reporting what I saw, I don't know anything more..."
"Did someone pay you to damage his reputation? Were you blackmailed?"
"Aniyo, Jeonha..."
"Where is my nephew now?"
"I escorted him to the Imperial Prison..."
LianBi frowns and glances at HyunKi. "Commandant, interrogate him under truth serum." The poor guard, he means. Then glances towards the entrance. "Warn Minister Zhou immediately. I shall send someone to the Imperial Prison soon."

And indeed the servants write to Song to warn him that Jin was arrested and taken to the Imperial Prison, but without specifying why.
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Ever since he noticed the unknown child wandering on his own through the facility, he never left his side for a moment. It is clear the others don't know he is there and that he is trying to not be found, someone has to watch over him, especially now that Nori is gone and he can't know when she will be back. Otherwise he could have warned her and got this matter closed easily.

He knows the child is ill and thus is surely terrestrial, but he doesn't know what to do in order to drag the adults' attention towards him. Nobody seems to hear his voice, except from Yoshi and Gamja. The others just appear to perceive an unsettling presence and get scared away by it.

After wandering for a while, the boy starts to get visibly exhausted so he looks for a seemingly safe place where to take a nap. LianBi follows him to a very small, dark and empty room, like a broom closet, and lies down on the floor, after some hesitation. - Poor JiHwan is a Prince too, after all -
That's his best chance. He has to attract someone there before the child wakes up and starts to move again.

But how?

Unluckily he didn't watch any good horror film about haunted places, so he has to fully improvise.
He finds a marker pen, takes his time to finally manage to grab it instead of going through it, then goes to the kitchen and the bathroom, leaving a message - in eastern dolashin - : 'INTRUDER IN THE BROOMS CLOSET', spamming it in different, well evident, spots.
Done that, he returns to the boy, hoping he won't wake up too soon.
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After moving to the Avengers' facility, he quickly realises that the 'life' of a ghost is even less action-oriented than he thought. He can't interact, can't speak, can't eat... he has less than nothing to do and the place is so huge that he still doesn't know where Bang-sul is staying, even.
With nothing better to do, he just roams all over the facility, I'm hope to come across the people he holds dear. And slowly he gets to see them, in ways he would probably have never managed to see them otherwise: in their totally informal and natural behaviours. Nobody really shows their real self in his presence, at the Palace some.dont do that not even when he is absent, fearing the servants would report to the Emperor, but here everyone feels totally relaxed and free.

The first person he comes across is TaenQi, in his most natural habitat: still lied on the couch, in front of the TV, with a bowl of chocolate cereals dangerously close to fall down.
He shakes his head and approaches him, to remove the bowl from his hands. It takes him 5 attempts to finally be able to focus enough to not just go through everything.
Fortunately, TaenQi doesn't wake up to a flying bowl or BangSul and him would be better to get used to have a third in their bed for the rest of their lives.
Since the boy is asleep and tv doesn't enthusiasm him, he decides to proceed.

The next he notices is PanAn, sat by a leafy plant, all alone and looking rather sad.
He stops in front of him, close but not too much. The other picks a leaf from the plant and eats it.
LianBi wonders if with his weird powers, there could be the chance for PanAn to interact with him like NoriYori. He extends his hand towards him and tries to take a wisp of his hair, but fails.
To that, though, the concubine jumps up, looking totally spooked and runs away, like he just saw a ghost (?)

He sighs while watching PanAn run. Apparently, those who can perceive him can only get terrified. Is he even sure he wants to find Bang-sul and scare him to death like that? He doesn't know, but he can't just spend days stiff and doing nothing, so he starts to wander again.
This time it takes a while before seeing someone and this someone leaves him quite intrigued. He knows why TaenQi is there, since he could see when Norihiko went to take him in that village, but why in the world would there be another child there? And, most of all, whose son would that boy be?
The child moves sneakily, clearly trying to.stay unseen while walking super close to the wall of the corridor.
He approaches him and follows him for a little one. "Who are you...?" he mutters to himself. If it wasn't that his clothes make him totally unfitting for the place and time.he is into, he would probably feel less intrigued.
The child suddenly stops to cough and LianBi notices, very clearly, blood on the hand he used to cover his mouth. That sight breaks his heart in a thousand pieces. "Aniyo... someone has to find him... I must have someone warned..."
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