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LianBi's Blog

All Is well...

He Is the most surprised when the Palace Guards come to warn him that the Grand Prince came to hand himself over to him. He thought that not even the Gods themselves would manage to convince his brother to trust him that much.

BangSul is in the throne hall with him and since he wants to get this matter closed as soon as possible, he immediately orders Norihiko to summon the various people who will have to participate to the interrogation. He was also giving for granted that Song would be accompanying QinShi, by what BangSul referred to him, but nobody mentioned him there too.

The guards escort QinShi to the throne hall. LianBi is standing in front of the throne and his eyes widen so much to see his brother in that state. He doesn't look well at all, neither physically nor mentally. He seems like a totally terrified little chick, dragged into a butchery. Not so surprising for someone who was recently tortured, though.

Even before LianBi could greet, boom. QinShi falls down and starts to tremble and letting out choking sounds. Panic attack as appetizer.
They summon Jackil - who is an official member of the equipe of the nursery of the Spring Palace by now - and he deals with it, slowly helping QinShi to regain calm and balance.
Despite that, since it's a brief interrogation and he wants to get done with it as soon as possible, LianBi, still stunned by his brother's reaction, decides to proceed, as long as QinShi is not in life danger.
Jackil helps the Grand Prince to sit by the short table, right in front of the Emperor.
Among the other people present there are the Generals and a high ranked Priest of Mortian, since necromancy is considered an 'international crime' and the very reason of that questioning is that they must reassure the other countries that the Grand Prince of Xhuanghen is not delving into necromancy.

LianBi notions QinShi to drink the truth potion from the vial that was placed on the short table.
The brother's hand, though, trembles so much that he doesn't manage to take it. Such an heartbreaking show.
It's BangSul to step ahead and take the vial, approaching it to QinShi's mouth so that he can drink it.
After that, the Grand Prince places a hand on his neck and gasps.
"Let's begin", says LianBi, looking always overly serious, but in truth he is on the brink of bursting into tears.
"Were you, in any way, forced to come against your will?" asks the Priest of Mortian. Since the High Priest of Jeisin granted him his protection, they can't risk he was indeed forced.
QinShi takes a breath. "Aniyo..."
LianBi restrains himself from sighing in relief. It must be a good sign, if he had something to hide he would never come willingly. He hopes. "
"Are you willingly undergoing this interrogation?" asks again the Priest of Mortian.
This time QinShi takes some time to answer. "Ye..." he murmurs.
"Forgive my intrusion, I would like to warn: his physical state is rather unstable, lying could cost his life", comments Jackil.
LianBi's eyes widen and he is tempted to disband the whole thing.
"Which means that you must tell only the truth, Grand Prince", adds BangSul, like he knew LianBi's thoughts. "If there is a truth you really feel unable to reveal, keep silent please."
Jackil nods.

"Did you read the following books and essays: 'The legal discipline of Necromancy', 'Xhuanghen law application on necromancy cases', 'The trials of the Cursed'?" asks LianBi.
QinShi rubs the sleeve of his shirt against his forehead. He seems to be sweating a lot. "Ye..."
"T-to... know... the law..." gasps the Grand Prince.
"The vision of said books is in no way forbidden by any law", confirms the Priest of Mortian.
LianBi nods. "Were those books suggested to you by someone?"
"The librarian..."
"Did someone draw your attention towards necromancy?"
QinShi pants a little. "Aniyo..."
"It was your own, spontaneous idea?"
"Ye..." The Grand Prince wipes some sweat from his face again, always using the sleeve.
"Get him some fresh water", orders LianBi to Ryuke. "What did you intend to use necromancy for?" He is almost afraid to hear the answer to this.
QinShi hesitates a lot. And the fact he looks less and less lucid as the time goes by clearly gets the worry of Jackil, who keeps looking at him. "I... only..." he sobs and shuts his eyes. "Wanted to find a way to speak with him again..."
"Who with?"
"My halbamama..."
LianBi looks like he got just struck by a lightning there.
"Thus it's confirmed that even if he had a thought to use necromancy, it wouldn't be for anything damaging or endangering to other people", says BangSul, looking at the Priest. "It would only be for personal and affective matters."
The Emperor snaps out of that moment of shock and decides to end the questioning, before he himself turns unable to contain his feelings. "Answer this last question and the interrogation will end. Did you make use of necromancy, for the purpose you said or for any other matter or reason?"
QinShi looks totally stunned at this point and doesn't answer.
After a little while, with his heart skipping a beat, LianBi decides to ask again, speaking slowly and clearly. "QinShi, did you use necromancy?"
More time passes, before the other finally answers: "Y-ye...?"

Silence falls upon the room, but it only lasts for a second, the time it takes for the truth potion to have its dangerous effect. QinShi's screams break the silence as blood starts to flow out of his nose, ears and eyes. He falls frontwards, on the table, under the torturing effect of the potion reacting to his lie.
Jackil promptly takes QinShi in his arms and runs out of the throne hall with him, under the baffled and shocked eyes of the presents.
BangSul runs after them.
His blessed love always knows what to do to make it slightly less heavy for him, since LianBi simply can't leave yet, although he's dying to.
"Although his behaviour was upsettingly confusing, his lie only confirmed his innocence", concludes the Priest of Mortian. "The case should he closed, no law has been infracted and no ill intention was in motion."
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1 | 25 Comments | Aug 8th 2019 17:36


So, reset all. He was never on Earth, BangSul never lost his memory, nor even met Kori and the others assassins at the pub.

The morning after they broke YeolMin and YooJin out of the Imperial Prison, the Prison Guards had to go to report to the Generals, and the Emperor, with tail between legs.
LianBi was curious, naturally. Nobody could know about Kori's powers and what kind of knowledge they had to succeed such thing, so if was very infuriating and humiliating.

As if that wasn't enough to damage the mood of LianBi, he also got reported by the same prison guards that the other two prostitutes that were arrested both died in their cell, during the attacks of other prisoners on their damage and that they were both group raped.
Naturally the Emperor deems the guards responsible for their negligence towards the defenceless and harmless prisoners and for them all punished very, very harshly. In addition to that, he also got all the prisoners who raped and killed the two tortured and executed in the worst possible ways.

The whole matter, in addition with the hairpin found in YooJin's place, only left him with huge bitterness. Most of all due to the unfairness of what happened to those two prisoners, it's something he can't stand. How could the prison guards let it happen? Does he seriously have to specify even the most obvious things when giving an order? And what was worse was that when the family of the two prostitutes were contacted to identify and take care of the corpses, both denied any involvement with those two poor men.

Now, believable or not, he is actually worried for the other two prostitutes, wondering if those who brought them out of prison had some evil plans for them too. That's the only reason why he ordered to hunt them down, with the categorical order to take them alive and unspoiled.

Soon enough, though, proof lead to the probable option that the escapist fled on Earth, since a portal was opened near Taifuan right on that same time.
The priests were able to determine the portal led to the city of Seoul, in South Korea, but that's not a good thing. LianBi can't send Imperial Guards or other armed forces to hunt them down on Earth, that would be an infraction of the international treaties.
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Not what expected.

After a couple of days from his arrival in Seoul, the mental magic expert from Heinmenhos arrives too, joining them at the apartment. Not even that person knows what the Emperor looks like and to keep his cover it's Norihiko to deal with the man who will have to attempt to bring back Bang-sul's lost memories.

LianBi feels terribly anxious about this whole matter, fearing that something could go wrong, although the expert assured that the worst that could happen is that the lost memories wouldn't come back. There is no real risk for life of health from the procedure. 'Lemon' himself agrees to go through it, feeling empty and frustrated due to the lack of memories.

After the magic is done, BangSul falls unconscious and the expert reassures it's normal and even a good sign, since it must mean that what be did had some effect indeed.

LianBi wanders around in the house, avoiding to be inside the room when he wakes up, since the memoryless BangSul doesn't seem to appreciate his presence at all. After an hour, he even decides to go to take a walk outside, since it could as well take many more hours before he wakes up.
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So... BangSul started to go out again, every couple of days. That's fine, he doesn't want him to feel imprisoned in the Palace, he himself feels the need to go out from time to time. Sadly he can never dedicate as much time as he would like to everyone, his family and his lover, due to the duties he has.
He reallly doesn't blame BangSul for going out, but spending a whole night outside without even warning seems a little... not quite right to him.

After spending the night in total anxiety, unable to find any rest before his husband returns, in the morning there is still no track of him.
I should calm down, he is an Avatar, he is surely powerful enough to push away whatever threat could come at him out in the city - he repeats himself, to trying to feel a bit reasured, but it doesn't work at all.
When it's time to start the morning routine, there is still nothing and he feels like to flip every table he sees.
While the eunuchs frantically run all over the Palace to see if he is somewhere there/warn the guards to send immediate notice when the Emperor Consort makes his return, LianBi heads to receive the morning regards from the high ranked members of the harem, as every morning before the meeting with the court in the Red Hall.

He is totally thoughtful and in a terrible mood, not even trying to hide it at all.
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1st marriage.

Since Song accepted, the marriage was set. He didn't even bother to mention anything to QinShi until the 'game was set'.
It was, basically, a 'you are getting married tomorrow' kind of announcement for the poor Grand Prince.
And as imaginable, he wasn't happy at all to receive the news. He even went to try to speak with LianBi, to explain his position and to convince him to change his mind, but the answer was 'you wanted to be in the Court, now live like a member of the Court'.

Rest was only forcedly getting prepared for the wedding by the servants and tailors.

Guessing that Song won't mind and since he doesn't want to make too much noise to reach the ears of all the annoying Sacred Blood around, LianBi decides the wedding to be quite discreet and private. A bit like Eun's wedding in Scarlet Heart, them two, the Emperor, MeiXi and the priests for the religious rite.

QinShi looks as happy as if he was taking part to his own funeral. He also looks stunned and somewhat overwhelmed by the whole thing.
Before the end of the ceremony, the Priestess of Sethi draw on their arms the special dot that will disappear on its own only after they consummate the wedding and that'd be the moment when the marriage would become official.
*It's a common thing in every marriage, not a special treatment for the 'happiest couple' in Xhuanghen.

Gifts for the couple, secret bets among the little eunuchs on how long will the marriage last, some food and off they go, to Zhou Palace.
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