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(Letty Oritz)
30 / Female / In a Relationship
California - United States
@DominicDieselToretto ~ He is my man, my babe, and my everything. I love him so much. And I will always do until I will die! ~

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God I love when you wrap your strong arm around me,babe.

1  Apr 7th 2019 16:07

Latest Questions

Q. Me too baby life is perfect I love you we have everything we ever wanted
A. Yea, and I still can't believe it.
 Apr 7th 2019 16:40

Q. Baby our daughter and we finally know the truth she our daughter
A. I'm really so happy about this, now our life is perfect!
 Apr 7th 2019 16:12

Latest Comments

I love you baby
Apr 12th 2019 22:48

My beautiful queen my world
Apr 9th 2019 01:06

Well now we have our daughter and we will be happy together forever
Apr 7th 2019 16:05

I know my love it was a crazy couple of months without you I could not stand us being away
Apr 7th 2019 15:57

I have missed you more baby
I'm glad we finally back together
Apr 7th 2019 15:48

Letty hey beautiful
Apr 7th 2019 15:26

“Nothing much, you, Anyways your hot and cute. Wanna get a drink?”
Apr 6th 2019 20:52

“I’m well, and you?”
Apr 6th 2019 20:50

“Hi there beautiful”
Apr 6th 2019 20:49