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(Charles Hernandez)
46 / Male / Single
Austin, Texas - United States
Real life adventurer/renaissance man. Too many skills to list. I wasn't always this way but once I took life by the horns I became the man I only dreamed I could be. I produce film,(producer/director/screen writer/executive producer). I live life with a passion and nothing intimidates or frightens me. Real life Alpha male that has taken his life and molded it to my own wants and needs. I find the creative process of RPing between two or more people as a truly creative action. Where ideas are melded and take form.

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Just gonna leave something here for you.

talk to ya soon, handsome.
May 16th 2019 21:49

i am. I have made it back :)
Dec 21st 2018 21:10

~|| Shadowed Traveller ||~

Heya. You are very welcome :)
Thanks for accepting it. Cool. I’m around on here majority of the time now anyway.
I do – sort of. But would it be alright for you to use Steve Rogers?
Dec 10th 2018 11:45

Aww thanks I am!
Sep 24th 2018 10:07

Thank you so much!!
Sep 15th 2018 00:10

That's okay, just reply whenever you can. Thank you for telling me :)
Aug 18th 2018 07:18

I am, but of course I always am having a great day! :D
Jul 4th 2018 16:31

Thank you so much. I hope your day is going well too.
Jul 4th 2018 13:46