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LeniTheAther's Blog

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Leni's Daily Blog Post 10

Happy Friday-the-13th! katy is preparing for me a good trio, but honestly, the cult is much better. I like being in a cult. Sonnette sees me as weird, though. Also, I hypnotized Sara to kill... This should be fun!

-The hypnosis Master, Leni Ether.
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0 | 0 Comments | May 13th 2022 07:33

Leni's Daily Blog 9

There is a new character named Noelle. She doesn't seem easy to scare. And her having arachnophobia is off of the table, she loves spiders. But her brother... He should be easy. Also, Sara is down in the dumps lately, but don't worry, I will send her a possessed doll to keep her company!

-Your confused Ather, Leni.
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Daily Blog 7+8

Dammit, I forgot yesterday! Oh well We are having a bonfire to annoy the crap out of Levi. Its not like she can retaliate, she cannot aim a gun if her life depended on it. Imma light a tree on fire just to get her reaction

Past me is trying to use Sonnette to make Chucky good. The power of melting hearts or some sh*t like that. I hope it doesn't work, Chucky being evil is fun. Speaking of, for some reason, Mark is scared of murderous dolls. Idiot. Katy had a dream about me last night, and I must say, it was enlightening

-Sincerely, Leni, who got a new bodyguard job. First paragraph archived by Kira Lupin.
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Leni's Daily Blog 6

I am glad to say that Fireball is a son of a bitch! She teams up with Mark for ONE SECOND, and all of a sudden everyone is cheering for them. At least she is an arsonist, that is the only redeeming thing about her. Oh well. Also, Levi is upset that she isn't being used for anything yet. Well, she might get someone soon, who knows?

-Leni Ether, superior sister of Mark Ether
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