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Shen profile change. Long overdue. It's a Multiple Character account, so it definitely had to happen at some point.
0  Jun 19th 2021 05:35

Latest Questions

Talerama asked the question
Q. And time-traveling. And Shen changing partners. And K stuffing his face with sugar. And trash-talking Ratuku...y'know, the usual.
A. Shen has cycled through partners 3 times in a month, K has likely consumed several pounds of sugar and the only appearance of Ratuku was from a videogame and a phone call.

 Aug 28th 2019 22:46

Talerama asked the question
Q. We're literally insane xD
A. 1 Year = Almost a month of boop-things and shrimps
 Aug 28th 2019 22:28

Latest Comments

The boop thing
Apr 16th 2019 21:45

How should we start? :3
Aug 9th 2018 19:21

I'm free to now if you want.
Aug 9th 2018 19:19

Hope we can rp.
Aug 9th 2018 19:16