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114 / Male / Forever Alone
United Kingdom
What really is love?

What defines love, is it the society's definition of what is acceptable for who can love who or is it up to the heart? Is it defined by the way a person can find themselves lost in someone’s gaze but exactly where they feel safest and most right? Love that was so pure that it was wrong; but oh so right, so addicting that it left the individuals unable to be separated...

Don't you want that?

//to be continued...//

Latest Status

Won't be able to reply to peeps today, might be able tonight! Wish me luck I got a date!~~
1  Aug 8th 2019 06:31

Latest Questions

Q. A-Are we going to keep roleplaying??
A. hi sweetpea, sorry I haven't been roleplaying much with you for a tiny bit... I haven't been doing well emotionally, so I didn't want to ruin our happy roleplay. I'll try and get a reply out today tho
 Oct 14th 2018 22:30

Q. Reply?
A. Just did!~ Sorry, just eating dinner!~
 Apr 13th 2018 14:54

Latest Comments

get out you sappy sap
Dec 31st 2018 05:04

omg your bio dnndndd sod off
Dec 22nd 2018 12:53

I'm glad you're back! I really miss it, too. Luca's way too adorable ^^
Dec 3rd 2018 09:22

i miss roleplaying with you :-((
Nov 16th 2018 19:03

Heh ♡
Oct 31st 2018 18:49

uwu are u there?
Oct 28th 2018 10:38

hey babyy~ i wasnt on, ill text u
Oct 21st 2018 08:04

You deserve it! You’re s-such a sweetheart and people need to know it!!
Oct 10th 2018 12:23

N-No, it’s okay! I’m glad you got a nap in ^^
Oct 10th 2018 10:32

I believe in you. ☆
Oct 9th 2018 17:42