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(Leah Marie Love |SkittleWhore| Love)
28 / Female / Single
New York - United States
Leah Marie Love

21 Years Old


Latest Questions

Bigby asked the question
Q. Am I not your sugar dad? ;)
A. Hmmmm we will see about that ;)
 Aug 4th 2017 20:45

Q. what does submissive mean?
A. Omg lol
 Nov 9th 2015 14:33

Latest Comments

Hi u do remember me
May 10th 2020 01:19

Hey hot stuff
Apr 26th 2020 16:34

Nice to see legendary old face around ;)
Mar 31st 2020 16:21

dont be shy i love a rainy day with you to relax an make a fire
Mar 28th 2020 14:26

leah lets f***
Mar 27th 2020 12:00

Im back now. Lets gp
Aug 5th 2017 16:04

Be right back baby. Give me 10 mins
Aug 5th 2017 15:45

Dec 30th 2015 00:31

idks :p
Apr 4th 2015 19:25

Aw I miss you too!!! I'm here to play hehe
Dec 29th 2014 22:49