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22 / Female / Single
Washington - United States
"Saiko doesn't want anyone to die anymore."

Saiko has two thick sections of hair worn in pigtails with uneven fringed bangs, possibly as a result of her laziness. Her kakugan is located in her left eye because of her status as a Quinx, and her face appears rather youthful; Saiko is a bit heavier than the average CCG agent, with notably thick and chubby legs. She is very short, especially for her age. She has light pale blue colored hair. Her right eye is a bright baby blue color while her left eye is bright red.

Saiko dislikes having to work, as she prefers having a peaceful, happy-go-lucky and carefree life by playing video games and eating junk food excessively. She often oversleeps, which earns her the absence from most missions. While not trying to reduce it, she is apparently embarrassed about her weight, humorously covering it during her introduction.

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