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LazyDemonKing's Blog

Character information

Full name: Demon King of the East Raiga Ryƫkotsusei.

Title/Nick names: King of the East, Ruler of the dragon and snake yokai, Rai.

Age: A few hundred years old(depending)/Looks to be in his mid twenties.

Gender: Male.

Species/Nationality: Dragon yokai/Snake yokai/Japanese.

Personality: He doesn't like to do his job unless forced to do so. Finding most tasks to be bothersome and not worth his time. Although he is often kind towards those weaker and others who have bad luck.

Weaknesses: Angelic power, Priestess spells, animals and women(Only because he wants to protect them finding them to be 'innocent' beings.)

Physical Traits: Long jet black hair with a single golden streak. His hair will become fully gold when using more of his abilities. Pale skin and his arms are often covered by detached sleeves to hide the runes there. Horns on each side of his hide sometimes hidden using a spell.

Sexuality: Bi-sexual.

Relationships: --single
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