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25 / Male / Single
Massachusetts - United States
❝My name is Langdon and I represent the cooperative.❞

❝There’s no need for rules anymore. Chaos has won.❞

❝I want a world without the hypocrisy. With the kinds of people who wouldn’t just eat from the fruit of the forbidden tree but would cut the f***ing tree down and burn it for firewood.❞


Welcome to the cooperative, or shall I say, Hell.

I’m not picky, but I do request that you use proper grammar when either plotting, or writing with me. If you have any issues or problems involving this, please let me know beforehand.

When it comes to plot, I will be doing American Horror Story, though I am not limited to it.
I’d be open to taking part in original plots, or if you have any fandoms you’d be interested in doing.

My character has three versions of himself.
The first is young, naive. He doesn’t understand what he is and what he’s doing. He can be rather needy, and tends to get distressed when he’s not getting any attention.
The second is a bit more mature. He knows who he is, but he doesn’t understand the purpose of his life. He’s looking for answers, looking for anything he can get that will tell him what he has to do. He likes to get his way, likes people to know how much power he has over them just from being in the same room. A bit of a brat though, but that just adds to his qualities.
The third version is his final form. With long blonde hair that goes just pas his shoulders, he knows what he has to do, who he has.
He likes knowing peoples deepest desires, their darkest secrets.
When they’ve figured this out, how he can read them just from looking at them, it brings him great pleasure to see how fearful they become of him. He’s manipulative, controlling, and charming. But don’t let his looks fool you. It’s his beauty and allure that makes him more dangerous.

Specific genres I tend to do are horror, supernatural, romance, fantasy, gore, action. Though once again, I’m pretty open.

I think that’s all you’ll need to know about me. If you’re interested in discussing a plot, then don’t be shy and send me a request. But I’ll just ask you one question:

Are you ready to dance with the devil?

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