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22 / Female / Single
United States
No males please...

Hi there everyone, I'm your sleepy ship girl, Laffey...! There's not much to say besides hello, I hope you're doing well, and that I hope you have a nice time here!

Please make sure to read my rules here before friending me:

Other than that, I guess if you wanna know about me just ask...! If I seem lethargic then I do apologize... I'm just always sleepy...

Authors Notes: Hi there peeps! I'm the owner of this page! You can call me Leaf! A little about this page and myself... I'm an avid roleplayer and have been on this site multiple times. I have quite a few years of experience under my belt so don't you worry! I won't be on too too often though as I do suffer from some medical problems and they do take up a lot of my time so I do apologize. If I am to be gone for long periods I'll make sure to update you all beforehand. Other than that, I only accept people who are girls or have other as their gender! Sorry guys, I'm just not into you~ Just remember to have fun and ask for Leaf if you ever have questions!

Note- I may update my bio sometime later to make it look a lot nicer. This is just a quick write-up to give you an idea about me

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