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21 / Female / Single
United States
Will say this… no boys please…

Hi everyone… I’m the sleepy and laid back Laffey…! I don’t know much to say about myself except that I’ve been roleplaying for a while, I’ve been on the site before, and I’m excited to roleplay with you all…! If I’m a bit listless then I hope you don’t mind… I’ll do my best to give energy when I can.

I’m weak and sick irl, so I’ll be trying my best to come on when I can. I do apologize if I sometimes disappear on you all… I’ll always try to tell you beforehand if I’m not going to be online… Other than that, I love romance and sometimes I carry a bit extra and I’m open for the reverse… Just no guys please… they’re scary and I’ve had too many bad experiences with them on here and irl…

So until then, I hope you all have a good day… -Laffey

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