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15 / Female / Single
human world - Costa Rica
the most annoying sibling but love him @GOLDENGUARD

hi im luz! i am here to keep hunter from getting into trouble, plus i want to try to make new friends, hopefully i can but im just more on here to make sure hunter will be fine.

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RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. "Yup!!! I know don't worry!"
 Dec 3rd 2022 16:33

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"yeah yeah..thanks..luz and i'll try to talk if i need anything, im not making promises but i'll try..i..miss flapjack it's been so quiet without him.."
Dec 6th 2022 15:35

"still don't see it at all. but uh thanks i guess..but im not sure why you see me as's nice..? i not sure anymore."He mumbles.
Dec 5th 2022 18:56

"well yeah, you have been friends with me for a while..still don't know how that even happened back then i didn't need friends just my un-i mean belos's approval..but uh..thats it."He mumbles.
Dec 4th 2022 15:49

"pfft why worry about me? im completely fine luz i swear. you worry to much, i'll be..fine im always fine, nothing can hurt the golden guard."
Dec 4th 2022 15:43

"eh yeah only 4 hours a day or 30 minutes depends on when belos wants me around is all. but seriously luz stop worrying about me i can very much take care of myself..i don't need..anyone worrying. but i may sleep who knows.."he said shrugging, also missing flapjack.
Dec 3rd 2022 18:31

"hey whoa i didn't mean anything by it luz..and i know i should get more sleep, but to be honest with you..i've grown use to not getting much sleep. i'm use to being up early/late back in coven i was only allowed to sleep until 6:30am and i didn't get back from things until like 2am. and a sleep over? heck no!"
Dec 3rd 2022 18:21

"pfff, i think you take alot after your mom..i guess a walk wouldn't be to bad has been a while since i took one where i wasn't on a for the eating of course i've ate im not dumb. and for sleeping..uhh like maybe about 30 minutes of sleeping.."he said quietly.
Dec 3rd 2022 17:45

"pff who cares for jokes like that. and i suppose im doing okay, just getting over the fact belos is here. the person i've been trying to get away from is here of all places and now i have to deal with him all the time. other then that im perfectly fine."
Dec 3rd 2022 17:37

"...really now? just another childish joke? good lord how did i get stuck with you of all people.."He mumbles.
Dec 3rd 2022 17:32

he sighs with a raised brow"what could you possible want now?"he asked.
Dec 3rd 2022 17:28