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Corey Reynalds


Basic Information

Preferred Name: Corey

Age: 17

Date of Birth: 2 May

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Homosexual

Occupation: Student


Appeared Age: 17

Height: 5'10

Build: Slim

Skin Color: Pale

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde


Personality description: Corey is witty, sarcastic, good and strong-willed. He doesn't like being told what to do. He is very independent and brave. He is rarely ever seen backing down from a challenge and hates losing. He can hold one hell of a grudge, but forgives as easily if one tries apologizing. He's very hot-headed and straightforward. If he doesn't like something (or someone), it's very hard for him to pretend otherwise.


Brief Biography: Corey's life had always been normal. He had average parents, average life. That is until it all went to hell. When he was ten his mother caught eye of some spoiled millionaire. She refused to give into his petty advances which pissed him off. One night in anger he murdered his mother and buried her, so no one would know.

Upon finding out what happened, Corey's father was enraged. He filed a case against him. All his father's attempts to get the culprit behind the bars backfired. Instead of h, his father was framed for murder of his mother and was sentenced to a lifetime in prison.

Corey was adopted by his aunt, who took care of him and still does to this day. He was a bright kid, he landed a scholarship in one of the best Private Schools. He wants to be a criminal researcher so he can one day get his father out.

Friends: Adele, Mere, Kay

Family: Tba

Enemies: tba
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Alexander and Liliana ❤

(This blog post is for my friend @_Problematic. I love you, darling ❤)

Being outside of Ibrosal wasn't something Alexander was really used to. He spent most of the time with his father learning the pulls and pushes of becoming the King. He enjoyed that.

What he did not find in anyway amusing was searching every random street and dark alley for his foolish little brother. He had looked all over the kingdom for him. Upon not gaining any clues or trace of him, he was forced sought out of the border.

It was very difficult for him, of course. Someone who refused to abandon his country for even the slightest of ventures. But family came first, it seemed.

So, here he was. In the city of New Orleans, having heard from a very trusted source (their other brother) that this was a place Conall had always wanted to visit.

It wasn't a bad place. Maybe, a little dusty and over-populated. But not bad. He stepped out of his car, shutting the door behind him. He was standing in the middle of a random street, wondering where in the world was he supposed to go now.
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Monsters don't deserve to live....

Esau has never been to a funeral in his life. His parents never took children to things they thought will have disrupting effects to their growing minds. Little did they know, their little ones are very much capable doing that on their own. It was tragic that they could not save them from the reality of this awful world or themselves. 

A sigh escapes the short boy's lips as he watches the sun set, its rays painting the sea in beautiful hues of reds, oranges and blues. The waves hit the sand wetting the dust on his expensive shoes. He could care less, though. He had negligently abandoned his designer blazer somewhere along the beach. The view is incredible and he is in a trance. 

Ariana had chosen a perfect place for her final farewell. 

A tear esapes his eye as he looks at the white rose in his hand. It's velvety, intricate petal so fragile beneath his finger. Just like her. His frail, little, beautiful Ariana.

"It's not your fault, big brother" He can still feel the ghost of her bloodied hands, tracing his face. The way she had smiled, brokenly, beautifully. "https://I came here on my own. It's on me"

He presses a hand to his mouth trying to muster his sobbing. He doesn't deserve this. He doesn't deserve to cry. He doesn't deserve this life. 

"Can you just hold me pleasebig brother?" She had been so weak and small in his arms, her eyes becoming droopy, her delicate body shaking. "https://I'm scared" 

"I am sorry" He chokes out, shaking his head, "I'm so sorry" His apologies are pointless now, meaningless. She's gone. She will never come back, never hold him and forgive him for ripping away her life. He drops the rose, pushing off his shoes with his feet roughly. He stumbled out of them. His entire being trembling from the overwhelming impact of emotion. 

He is a monster. A murderer. A liar. A traitor. A filthy beast. 

He doesn't deserve to live. Not anymore. 

"Please do not blame yourself. Please live" 

"I can't" He weeps, wrapping his arms around himself as he knees give out. He lands in the sand with a thud, uncaring about anything. "I'm sorry, I c-can't. N-not without y-you"

How is he supposed to go on? Move on with his life without her? Without the person, who was the sun to his days and the moon to his nights? How could he live with himself after all that he had done? The lives he had ruined, people he had destroyed? 

He could not. He just could not. He forced his quivering body off the ground, dragging it to the water. His body chilled under the coldness of the liquid, but he mind remained numb. Strong waves fight to buckle his knees, force him to fall, to give up. He doesn't resist. He let the sea take him, welcoming the consuming darkness. 

He could finally rest. It is finally over. 

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Katherine & Piper

(This post is for my friend @TheParadox. I love you ❤)

Piper wasn't usually the one to mess up in most situations. It was either Jerry or Deme that got them in trouble. However, eversince she had met Miracle Spectre. Everything that ever made sense seem to go to hell. Nothing about him was normal or simple and most of the time she had a hard time keeping up with him with all his sudden mood changes and tendencies of trying to get himself killed.

Amidst all this, she didn't even realize when she fell in love with him. It was so strange. She had figured it out after she locked him away in a sleep spell that she had feelings for him. She couldn't understand how or when in between their constant bickering and quarreling did this happen, but she did know he must hate her now and there was no way he would love her back now. He would probably want to murder her and all the witches of New Orleans after waking up (which she had already made arrangements for) yet her greatest fear was seeing hatred for her in his eyes.

So, finally owning upto her mistake she decided to fix it. Miracle had once told her about his vampire parents; Elijah Mikaelson and Katherine Pierce. Both dangerous and crazy. She couldn't lift a spell down by a whole coven, however she could bend it. Now, only Mikaelson blood can raise him.

She happened to hear that Katherine Pierce in fact hated the Mikaelsons. She came up with a perfect plan. She would offer her a weapon (used to put down Miracle) to put down an Original Vampire. She knew she would die for it or at least come close to it as she had heard she is quite selfish. She pinned her down by using Miracle’s blood, which led here at the Grill.

She had not expected her to be so close by, but she was glad she didn’t have to travel afar. She flipped her red over her shoulder, walking into the Grill. She looked around her eyes landing on a brunette. She was beautiful and confident. Curly hair, badass. Definitely Katherine Pierce. She held up the picture in her hand, before slipping it back into her pocket. She approached her. The seat beside her was thankfully empty. She sat on it, ordering herself a drink.

“Hello” She greeted the brunette with a smile. Here goes nothing…
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Ian O'Keefe

Ian O’Keefe

Basic Information

Preferred Name: Ian

Age: 25

Date of Birth: 13 Feb

Race: Witch

Gender: Male


Relationship Status: Single

Affiliations: Torian witch coven

Occupation: (Executive, Task Force, Member, or Affiliate)


Appeared Age: 25

Height: 6’0

Build: Broad

Skin Color: Pale

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Black


Personality description: Ian is dominant, twisted, diabolical, playful and flirty. He is sadistic and loves see people (he doesn’t like) suffering. He is sarcastic and rude, when he is not trying to get something he wants. He is selfish and self-absorbed. However unlike his older brother, he will never hurt his family, which is why he wants to prevent Arthur from getting himself killed.

Abilities and Powers: He is the Elemental Witch of Darkness.


Brief Biography: O’Keefe Witches have been leaders of Toraian Coven of Witches for centuries. Every century the Blood Compass chooses the successor. A strange occurrence happens this particular one, it chooses two leaders, Arthur and Zaharis O’Keefe.
Ian is the leader of Elemental Witches of Darkness. Growing up he was always closer to his brother Zaharis O’Keefe, but despite it he wasn’t overly enthused about the fact that he murdered was trying to ruin their little brother for the sake becoming the Chief. He is stuck still trying to prevent his one brother from killing the other.

Friends: Severus

Family: Alistair O’Keefe, Father
Lucy O’Keefe, Sister
Bex O’Keefe, Sister
Sebastian O’Keefe, Brother
Zaharis O’Keefe, Brother
Arthur O’Keefe, Brother
Persephone Boulevard, Half-Sister


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