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The Original Vampire

Miracle Dirac Spectre

Basic Information

Preferred Name: Ackle

Age: 16

Date of Birth: 16 Dec

Race: Original Vampire

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bi-sexual

Relationship Status: Single

Titles: N/A

Affiliations: N/A

Prior Affiliations: N/A

Occupation: N/A


Appeared Age: 16

Height: 6’0

Build: Tall, broad

Skin Color: Pale

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Black


Personality description: Miracle is a sharp-witted, smart, emotional and short-tempered teenage boy. He is impatient and hates being controlled. He is often seen wandering about odd places like woods in the middle of the night, since he never feels like he fits in anywhere with vampires or humans. He is honest and straightforward. He tends to get very violent when he loses his temper. He is also very mischievous and is seen going about getting into unnecessary trouble.

Abilities and Powers: He is an Original Vampire.
• Doesn’t burn in sun
• Can compel vampires and humans
• Heightened emotions and senses; strength, hearing, smell, sight, reflex
• Can’t be killed by an ordinary stake (except white oak stake)


Brief Biography:

Miracle Dirac Spectre was born as a miracle child to a rich couple, who thought they could never be parents. His mother’s pregnancy was crazy. She craved blood and her emotions were all over the place. When they consulted the doctor, he told them that it may have something to do with the baby. The couple worried about the kind of being they were giving birth to, of course.

When he was born, they were so happy that they completely neglected his vampirism. They didn’t care that he probably saw them as food. They loved him and cared for him. His upbringing was very rough but they managed to work through it. He grew faster than any human. His parents got him home tutored, so people wouldn’t know his secret. Miracle managed to grab a hold of vampirism as much as he could under the care of human parents. He loved them, but he never felt like he fitted in.

He met another vampire, Jesbelle. She called herself Jazz and lived life like she loved it. They became fast friends and before he knew it, they were more. His parents, of course, cared less about who she was as long as she made their son happy, not knowing she was going to be their demise.

One night his parents were mysteriously murdered and his sister went missing. Jazz sold him for her freedom. There he found out he was just a science project called Scientifically Produced Vampire (SPV) in an organization. They performed all kind of experiments on him. He met Demetrius, a fellow vampire held captive and became friends with him in their mutual solitude.

He found out that every SPV had biological vampire parents. After some digging, he finally knew their names, Elijah Mikaelson and Katherine Pierce. He didn’t care much for that, though as he was being held prisoner and tortured. Demetrius’s friend and brother, Piper Sullivan and Jerry Brooklynn came to their rescue. They managed to escape.

Friends: Demetrius, Jerry, Piper (Love interest)

Family: Martha Spectre, Adoptive Mother (Deceased)
Oliver Spectre, Adoptive Father (Deceased)
Lexi Spectre, Adoptive Sister (Missing; Status: Undetermined)
Elijah Mikaelson, Biological Vampire Parent
Katherine Pierce, Biological Vampire Mother

Enemies: -

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Zaharis O'Keefe

Zaharis o’Keefe

Basic Information

Preferred Name: Zaharis

Age: 26

Date of Birth: 26 Dec

Race: Witch

Gender: Male


Relationship Status: Straight

Affiliations: Toraian Witch Coven


Appeared Age: 26

Height: 6’3

Build: Tall, Broad

Skin Color: Pale

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde


Personality description: Zaharis can be described as dominant, conceited and self-absorbed. He is often seen performing actions that mostly revolve around self-benefit. He is vile, sadistic and evil. He finds joy in the misery of those who ever dare stand against him. He is very calm and easy-going in most situation, ever so often seen cracking jokes and making fun of the present situation. He doesn’t mind laying a body or too for his purposes. In fact, he quite enjoys it.

Abilities and Powers: He is the elemental witch of Earth. This gives him power of most things directly related to nature.


Brief Biography: O’Keefe Witches have been leaders of Toraian Coven of Witches for centuries. Every century the Blood Compass chooses the successor. A strange occurrence happens this particular one, it chooses two leaders, Arthur and Zaharis O’Keefe.

Zaharis is the second child of the Alistair O’Keefe, present leader, and the leader of the Earth Witch Faction. All his life, his sole desire had been to be the leader of the coven and he had spent every day of his life preparing for this.

When time arrived, the Blood Compass chose two potential leaders; Zaharis and Arthur. Zaharis became enraged and targeted his younger brother. He wanted to break Arthur, so he wouldn’t even be close to good enough to be the leader. He found out Arthur had a forbidden love story going on with an enemy coven’s boy. He outed him and punished him by forcing him to choose between letting the love of his life suffer for eternity or kill him himself.

Unknown to Zaharis, his actions had quite opposite effect. Now with Arthur wanting to be the leader to spite his brother, Zaharis needed an insurance which he found in a secret his father withheld from them all. He would do anything to protect it.

Lucille found out this secret, so he proved her insane for murdering their father and sent her to a madhouse. He would never let anyone, ever get near it.

Friends: tba

Family: Alistair O’Keefe, Father
Lucy O’Keefe, Sister
Bex O’Keefe, Sister
Ian O’Keefe, Brother
Sebastian O’Keefe, Brother
Arthur O’Keefe, Brother
Persephone Boulevard, Half-Sister
Enemies: Many

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The Lycan/Werewolf Brother

Kace Maximus

Basic Information

Preferred Name: Kace

Age: 24

Date of Birth: 15 March

Race: Werewolf

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Pack Ambassador


Appeared Age: 24

Height: 6’2

Build: Strong, Broad, tall

Skin Color: pale

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown


Personality description: Kace is lively, flirty and smart. He is always seen with a smile on his face. He is very polite and kind, and is rarely ever seen bringing harm to anyone. He enjoys helping the people of his pack and socializing with them. Unlike his brother, he doesn’t take life very seriously. Which is why, he thinks he never would have been alright as Alpha, even if he were to be one. He likes to live life on the edge and is mostly seen doing something crazy.

Abilities and Powers: He is an original wolf and a lycan hybrid.
As an Original Werewolf, he has their common abilities. Heightened strength, speed and senses in human form.
As a Lycan, he is a half-shifter as well as a shifter.


Brief Biography: His mother temporarily separated from his father before he was born and had romantic relationships with a rogue lycan; resulting in Kace’s birth. When his parents got back together. Her mother’s husband accepted him as his own and called him King’s brother. The brothers grew up unaware of the fact, who Kace was. Kace was always different. He was always stronger than King. He didn’t care about such things, though. Nor did King.
After their father died and King became the Alpha so young, Kace vowed to stand by him and never leave his side. He took the responsibility of dealing with outsiders and other packs in an attempt to share his brother’s burden.
The brother’s still run the pack together, and are closer than ever.

Friends: tba

Family: Emily Maximus, Mother
Ethan Maximus, Father (Deceased)
King Maximus, Brother

Enemies: tba

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The Doctor Vampire

Wren Young

Basic Information

Preferred Name: Wren

Age: 400

Date of Birth: --

Race: Vampire

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship Status: Single (Reserved for Fallon @TheParadox)

Occupation: Doctor


Appeared Age: Early 20’s

Height: 6’0

Build: Slim, Built

Skin Color: Pale

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown


Personality description: He is sweet, charming and kind-hearted. Despite being a vampire, Wren doesn’t particularly enjoy puncturing arteries and hurting innocents, which is why he became a doctor. He wanted to help people with his abilities. He wasn’t always compassionate, but that’s a trait, he developed over time after meeting his mentor, a female original vampire, who claimed to be from the Dracula family. He is very patient and understanding in most matters, and is rarely seen losing his temper over anything. However, fearing of losing the people he loves usually motivates him to do unpleasant things.

Abilities and Powers: Compulsion, feeding, heightened senses, enhanced speed and strength


Brief Biography: Long ago, there was a prosperous kingdom with a happy and thriving royal family. In that family was a young prince, Philips. He was arrogant, cocky and self-absorbed. The blessings and happiness seemed to have spoiled the young prince. He cared little for others. His father saw it and sent him to live in a small village for a month, as nothing but a mere commoner. The prince was, of course, indignant, yet there was no denying the king and so, he packed his luggage.
He hated his life there until he met her. Aurora, a normal girl. She was everything he had never expected to find in a girl. She was brave, bold, witty and wise. He fell for her before he could catch himself. Lucky for him, she fell for him as well. He was no longer the conceited prince; he was a lover. One month, previously appearing unendurable, suddenly became too brief.
Unknown to him, Aurora had another admirer. A monster called, Severus. He wanted Aurora all for himself. When she denied him this right, he became enraged and changed her lover into a vampire, so he would become a monster like him. But Aurora cared less about this. She loved Philips; vampire or human, prince or commoner.
This angered Severus more. He entrapped Philips in a tomb with Aurora and hurt her badly. The only way to save her was turning her. The evil vampire knew that young prince was new to vampirism and will end up killing. He did. Aurora died in Philips’s arms and at his hand. He was devastated. Severus left him there with his eternal life of pain and suffering of having killed his lover himself.
Philips spent days in that tomb next to his beautiful woman’s body, mourning and self-loathing. One day, a strange woman came across them. She seemed a tad too young to be too wise. She introduced herself as Valentine Dracula. She took mercy on the new vampire’s condition and took him in. She buried Aurora and brought Philips to life, despite his resistance. She taught him everything he needed to know about eternal life.
Philips would forever love his Aurora, but he was not a prince nor a pretend village boy neither a lover anymore. He was just Dr. Wren Young, as long as it would last.

Friends: Valentine Dracula

Family: Deceased

Enemies: Severus

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