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Nina and Grace ❤

(This post is for my friend @Complexed. Closed)

Nina Deighton's life is what you describe as chaotic. There is nothing ever normal in her world. From wicked magical twin to the dangerously strong and naive baby sister, she is always in the middle of something. Which is why she cherishes moments like this, when everything wasn't going to hell or if it was she couldn't bring herself to care.

Today, she has decided to be with herself only. She is not going to let anything ruin this day. She smiles feeling the heat of the day lowering as she enters the cafe. It is small and cute; perfect for a calm day to be spent by herself. She makes her way to the counter.

Before she can reach it, she bumps into someone, spilling their coffee. "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry" She rushes to apologize, instantly feeling guilty.
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Claire Holden was beautiful with her fair skin and gorgeous green eyes. Her long brown hair fell down her back a few strands were clipped on the side. The easy, careless smile on her red lips. Her everything screamed she was Elijah's mother. 

It scared the living f*** out of him.

"Why should I believe that you are not some maniacal chiseler?" He inquired from his spot on the island instead of being nice to her like a normal person. Secretly, he wanted her to turn out to be a sociopath and try to kill him so he can send her to jail. He will smoke a joint and put this incident behind him.

Her hand that was about to pour a spoonful of coffee in the kettle stopped briefly then continued. Her expression remained unaffected; the calm, easy look that was starting to irritate him. 

"Why do you live by yourself?" She ignored his question. 

Elijah didn't like it. He hated how the question she asked was just the right one. Why did he live by himself so far away from his father in a small apartment in a town full of strangers? His father could pretend all he wanted that he was doing this for Elijah, to keep him safe, to give him life that he deserved, but the truth was obvious. His step-mother couldn't stand him. She made it very clear since the day his father forced him presence on her. 

"Let's assume you, by some messed up miracle of Satan, are my-," the word stuck in his throat like a globe. He gulped, "gave birth to me. Why come find me now?" 

She placed the coffee on the table, pouring him a cup elegantly. She looked at him with a small, gentle smile before sitting down across him. It did something weird to his heart. He did not like it. 

"You are just like your grandfather" She finally said, her eyes sparkling with adoration, "As outspoken and brave"

"Is that why you're here?" His tone sharp and bitter, "To bond over family tree?" 

She tilted her head, a soft laugh escaping her lips, "Oh dear" she shook her head as if recalling a fond memory. 

Elijah waited for her to stop laughing, crossing his arms and glaring at him. He didn't touch his cup. She picked up her cup, still chuckling, and sipped. When she placed it down, her smile had dimmed and tears were starting to brim in her eyes. "You are so beautiful" She looked up at him, a tear slowly emerging and escaping her eye. "So much more than I ever imagined you to turn out"

She was making him uncomfortable. Elijah had no idea how to react to that. Feelings and emotions weren't his thing. He didn't do fluff. Where was Esa when he needed him? He absolutely loathed the way his heart was breaking at this sight, the way he wanted to hug her and tell her everything was alright. He stayed glued to his seat. 

She sniffled, "I'm sorry" she licked her lips, looking down at. A blush coated her pale cheeks and nose, just like it did with Elijah. "I did not mean to get so emotional" She looked back at him, the same adoring, loving look in her eyes. "It's just looking at you, just sitting there" She gestured towards him, "in front of me. Physically. It is overwhelming" 

Elijah just blinked at her. "Physically?"

"I saw you on TV" She clarified, "That role that you played of 'Rhodey' in that show about skaters" 

It was a nerdy, prude role of a loser. It was completely opposite of who Elijah was. He had hated it, but it earned him a lot of fame and love from his fans, so he isn't complaining. 

"I've seen all your shows actually. I've bought every Vogue and Vanity Fair Issue, hoping to getting to see you" 

For some reason, Elijah felt like he wanted to cry. He had no idea, why he felt so overwhelmed and weak. What was wrong with him? He gulped the ball of tears hurdling in his throat.  "Why?" He chocked out. Why would anyone want that? Why would /she/ want that? A woman he had never met. Hell, his so called family didn't give two sh*ts about him. They barely bothered to talk to him, let alone go through the effort she did. 

Her eyes fill with sympathy and sorrow at his question, immediately understanding his feelings. She got up, pushing the chair away. Elijah didn't look up at her. He had his eyes set on the coffee cup. 

He felt her walk towards him and kneeling next to him. "Elijah" She placed a hand on the side of his face, forcing him to look at her. He did. She had a sincere smile on her face. The smile which was not as annoying anymore. She took his hands, locking her eyes on his, so he knew how much she meant what she was about to say. "Because I am your mother and I love you. More than /anything/ in the world" She placed a tender kiss on his hands, then slolwy leaned up, wrapping her arms around him. "You are that matters to me. My everything" 

Elijah let her hug him. He didn't even care about the tears that were starting to stream down his face. All he felt was the warmth of her arms around her, her cherry blossom smell and the butterfly kisses she kept placing on his shoulder. 

Maybe, he wasn't as alone in the world. 

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Esa and Falcon ❤

(This post is for my friend @TheParadox. I love you ❤)

When the idea had come to Elijah's mind, he knew Falcon would flip which gave him all the more reason to act on it. Falcon had been in denial long enough. He needed to embrace himself. He was enjoying this, of course. But he wouldn't admit it to his friends face. He didn't need him to storm out.

So, after a lot of swearing, scolding and quarreling Elijah had finally somehow convinced Falcon to stay for at least ten minutes.

"For a manwhore, you are such a prude you know that?" He commented as he led them to the bar.

He noticed a familiar face, leaning against it and sipping his drink. A smirk crept on his face as he started to make his way towards him. "Come on" he said to Falcon, "I'll introduce you to someone"

The other male seemed to notice Elijah approaching him and a bright smile lit his lips.

"This is a sight for sore eyes" he spoke, his voice smooth.

Elijah winked, "I'm always a sight worth watching. What are you doing here, anyways? You shouldn't you be in your fancy home office in your designer silk pajamas listing your to-be-fired employees?"

Esa rolled his eyes, "I'm actually ditching two dates" He explained, "Then I remembered Saturday was a party night for one Elijah Logan"

Elijah's eyes widened at Esa's dauntless actions. He could not believe him of all people stood someone up. He couldn't stop the laughter from escaping his lips even if he wanted to.

Esa shook his head then seemed to notice the man with Elijah. He was rather tall and attractive; in every way Elijah's type. He raised his brows, his smile merging into amused. His best friend didn't bring men with him. He showed up, looked and left with one.

"Won't you introduce me to your 'friend'?"

Elijah seemed to realize his expression and stepped aside, "This is my friend, Falcon. He's single" he smirked making Esa chuckle at his ridiculous lunacy, "Falcon, this is Esa"

"It's a pleasure to meet you" Esa smiled politely, extending his hand for Falcon to shake.
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Esa was under 72 hour watch in the hospital, only because his parents wanted to be extra sure he was alright almost drowning himself to death. He was always with someone. The doctor, the nurse, his mom, his dad, his aunt; he could hear the judgement in their minds from his place on the bed. He wasn't strong enough. He was weak. 

When the hospital finally let him go, he went straight to his room. His parents let him. His mother was hesitant, but his father prevented her from making any movements. He entered the room, immediately hit by overwhelming memories of his sister. Her pictures were everywhere. This was the fault of having such close relationship with the gone. It stayed there. It haunted you. It tortured you like it was with him, haunting him, torturing him. 

He didn't remember what happened next. He had a faint recollection of his mother holding him and crying, then someone had lifted him and somehow he ended up in another room. He curled into himself, tears escaping his eyes as a sob escaped his lips. He didn't deserve any of this. He didn't deserve their care and love. Only if they knew what he had done, that he was the reason their daughter was dead. 

He barely felt the days go by, rarely ever ate or drank or slept, hardly heard his visitors speaking. Someone had mentioned his savior. He had looked up at that. 

"He's the new boy" Johnathan, the boy from his history class had said, "He doesn't look like much. It's hard to believe he had guts to jump right after you slipped" 

Esa felt anger boiling in his core. How dare this kid? Who gave him the right to make his decision for him? What story did he feed them? "What?" He chocked out. 

The boys looked at one another then back at him, "Didn't you loose your footing and fell?" 

He stayed quiet, so boys took it as a 'yes' and decided to leave it at that. 

It was the nineth day of his greivance when Elijah had showed up at his doorstep. The taller male had stood in the doorway, staring at him for a long while. Esa was surprised to see him. He had been missing from the face of the world for over a year. Nobody heard from him. Nobody saw him, not even TV. 

Then he finally spoke,

"You're an a**hole, you know that?" 

Esa frowned and looked away. Of course, Elijah was mad at him. He was childish and immature. He didn't understand any of what he was going through. 

He heard him moving from his place and walking towards him. "You must be so disappointed to be alive right now" He scoffed. "You tried so hard. What a bummer that you failed" 

A tear slowly emerged and trailed down his face. "You don't understand anything" He said, quietly. 

"Do I now?" His tone was dangerously low. 

Esa didn't answer. 

"Oh but I do. Your baby sister is dead, so you should just follow in her footsteps. F*** world" He kept talking and talking. Esa just wanted him to shut up. He didn't dare speak his thoughts. He didn't want to provoke this boy more than he was. he couldn't win on a good day. 

"Please leave" 

"Why? So you can overdose on your prescription?" Esa closed his eyes tight, trying to zone his taunting voice out, "Wait, you prefer drowning right? So, you'll probably want to die in your bathtub with the water running and maybe some strawberry scented shampoo from Ariana's bedroom" 

Esa's head shot up and he glared at him. Elijah's face was blank and void of any emotion. He shook his head, "You don't understand anything" He cried. He wanted to yell, but his throat didn't support him. He licked his dry lips, before continuing, "I-I....I killed her" 

Elijah froze, staring at him. His eyes wide and mouth ajar. "What the f***?"

Esa shook his head. Of course, this was his reaction. But he continuned, "I a-am the r-reason s-she is d-dead. S-she w-was there because of m-me. S-she wanted to kill h-her because of me" He entangled his hands in hair, "If had just come clean. If I had just confessed. If I had just taken what I deserved..." For the first time since the incident, he finally broke. "So yes," He said as he composed himself a little, "you don't understand how I feel" 

Unexpectedly, Elijah remained quiet for a few moments, then in a sudden swift moment wrapped his arms around him. Esa allowed him to loose himself there. He sobbed in his best friend's shoulder. He screamed. He cried. He let himself feel all the emotion he had been mustering up. 

Elijah soothingly rubbed his back, rocking them. "I do understand" He spoke, placing a soft kiss in his hair comfortingly. "I understand better than you think" 

"Don't leave?" Esa whispered sleepily. All the mental and physical exhaustion finally crashing down on him, only allowing him to feel the comfort other male offered.

"Never again" Elijah replied, laying him down. 

Esa smiled softly, for the first time in a long time, and snuggled in his pillow. Elijah sat there, watching his sleeping figure. 

Only if he knew, Elijah thought ruefully, he had nowhere else to go. 

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Unexpected Revelations

Nina sighed as another car passed them by. The sun was at its height and it was hot, especially at the side of a countryside highway in the middle of May.

"I'm dying, this is it" She turned to see Ruina sitting down. She had abandoned her shirt somewhere along the way and tied her leather jacket to her waist. She was merely wearing a crop top and shorts. Nina was always surprised at how comfortable she was with so much skin exposure. "This is the end" She moaned. 

Nina smiled in amusment, "Shouldn't have pushed the old lady off the bus then" She actually felt guilty about that. They were in this position because of Ruina to start with. She and Nina had a misunderstanding about their stop and they had left their seats. When they had returned an old couple had taken their places. Nina didn't have much problem, but Ruina literally threw the woman in her spot off the bus. Poor lady broke her legs. 

"She deserved it" Ruina rolled her eyes, getting up. "She is gonna die soon anyways. All I did was speed it along. I'm doing her family a favor" She walked past Nina, "I don't get why no one is stopping for me? Can't they see this hotness?" She gestured to her sweaty body. 

Nina shook her head, continuing to walk behind her. "You're unbelievable"

"You're Unbelievable" Ruina scoffed, "Why can't we just use teleportation magic? I'm sure there are enough animals that we can kill" She eyed a squirrel. It wasn't much, but she's sure there are lot of those little things around. 

"Because unlike you, I'm smart enough to know that we should not waste our enegy on magical extracurriculars, when we can catch a ride like normal people" 

"Oh poor little Nina" Her tone was taunting, "Always so desperate to be normal" 

Nina rolled her eyes. "Can't we have like one civil conversation without you being star model for the witty bad guy in every stereotypical supernatural movie?"

Ruina stopped, abruptly turning around. "There is nothing anywhere near civil between us, darling" She placed her hands on her hips. "The only reason I am putting up with your glittery ass is because we needed to find a perfect present for Happy" 

Nina smiled smally, nodding. Ruina's care for Euphoria was fascinating. She didn't think even her or Mercy could be this selfless and devoted to her as she was. It made her wonder, what it would be like to see her actually caring about things; having a normal boyfriend, wanting a family, a job. She felt sympathy for her. 

Ruina made an annoyed face. "What is that ugly smile for?"

Nina shook her head, still with a smile on her face. She marched past her on purpose, simply to get a reaction out of her. Ruina huffed, flipping her hair over her shoulder. "You are annoying as f***, you do know that?"

"Yes, I do. You've told me multiple times" 

"That's exactly why you don't deserve anything" 

Nina knew she was saying all this to provoke her. To make her angry and say something as poisonous and mean as her. But she had grown up. It was hard for her to fall for these things. "So you keep saying" 

Ruina tilted her head, trying to understand Nina. The girl was beyond her sometimes. "Is this your new job that have you suddenly so confident?" She continued to comment, "Or is it the hot boss?" 

Nina blushed at the thought of Benjamin. She had not worked for long at the Banks International Corporation and she had already  developed a crush on him. It was childish so she did not like to speak about it. She had told Mercy about it. Ruina must have overheard her. Bloody Vixen.

Ruina caught her silence as a 'yes' and smirked, "I have to say, I'm a little surprised at such courage displayed by a despicable little kitten like you" 

"There is nothing going on between us" Nina defended. Last thing she needed was to put Ruina on poor Mr. Banks back. 

"Ah huh?" Ruina grinned, mischievously. "So you wouldn't have a problem if I went and slept with him?"

Nina rolled her eyes. "You can try" 

"Oh my, what a faith" She giggled, bouncing before her. "What if he did do it? What if he always knew what a poignant bitch you are? What if he knows I am so much better than you?"

"He can think whatever he wants" Nina didn't think that. It hurt to think Benjamin could think like that for her. He was not like that. She trusted him. "As I said, he's just my boss. Nothing more" 

"Sure he is" Ruina mused, "I think I'll give it a go then. If you have no problem with it" Her voice was laced with repulsive sickening sweetness. 

Nina stopped, glaring at her. Ruina smirked. There she had it. Her twin's resolve had finally dissolved. She had what she wanted. "Go ahead" Nina snapped, "It's not like boundaries ever stopped you before" 

Ruina raised a brow at her comment. "Still holding a grudge over that Avery guy?" She laughed, "You are more piteous than I thought" 

"Laugh all you want" Nina shrugged, "Because that is all a vacant, feelingless vessel can do" 

Ruina's laugh disappeared in a swift second, something shifted in her eyes. For a moment, Nina worried she had hurt her. It was unlikely. Ruina barely felt anything. They stood staring at each other until Ruina broke the eyelock and turned around and started walking again. 

Nina frowned, not really understanding what is going on, but didn't say anything. She was starting to feel guilty for being mean to her. She was not Ruina. She did not enjoy offending anyone. 

Another hour went by with the two of them straggling around like a pair of graziers, when Ruina finally spoke again.

"He was pretending he didn't know"

Nina looked up at her for a few seconds, frowing confused. Then it hit her. She was talking about Avery. Was she still thinking about him? She didn't understand what she meant, though. "What?"

Ruina's back was to her so she didn't know what her face looked like. She wished she could see, get any hints on her insides. "When he slept with me. He didn't think I was you. He knew I wasn't you" 

Nina's lips parted. This was a new revelation. All this time, she had blamed Ruina for destroying them. Avery had broken up with her out of guilt of cheating. Ruina had been so mean to her, saying, 'she wasn't enough'. But she didn't get why now all of a sudden Ruina felt like telling her all this.

"He was a manwhore. No one deserved him. Not even someone as pathetic as you" 

She realized something. Ruina was protecting her. She had went and slept with him to prevent any future pain from someone close because she always saw it coming from Ruina. She had no idea what to do with this new information. 


"Don't" Ruina finally looked at her, rolling her eyes, "I slept with him because I hate you and I wanted to be the one who made you suffer" 

Before Nina could reply a truck was stopping next to them. Ruina had a flirty conversation with the driver and he invited them to sit with him. Ruina climbed in first. Nina stared after her in shock for a moment, before smiling softly and climbing after her. 

Perhapstheir heartless sister had heart afterall.
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