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20 / Female / Single
Welcome to my profile.

There is nothing much i can say but...
✿ Just Message me for roleplay (Dont be scared..the one who should be scared its me~)
✿ Im new here. So..if i did something wrong please tell me >w<
✿ My favorite genres's Romance, Drama, Fantasy Adventure or whatever you like just hit me up~
✿ Ns*w, Ero, Ecchi rp it's okay with me but please at least give me a little romantic spice before we head that way. I can be Sub or Dom
✿ If i havent replied you, it doesnt mean im ignoring you..I have a lot of stuff to do IRL so please dont think badly of me and leave :(

That's from me~ lets be friends!! >w

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Thanks for accepting my add. Is really nice to meet you. You wanna RP with me?
May 7th 2020 14:51