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(Kyouko Kirigiri)
19 / Female / Its Complicated
United States
Hello, my name is Kyouko Kirigiri.
I might not be online often, don't blame me, blame my job.
I am the ultimate detective, so I am often busy, sorry.
I have only a few rules, 1-I might take a while to respond, but don't rush me.
2-No smut.
I guess now I am supposed to shoutout to my best friends.
Okay. Goodbye.

| Dear Susanoo, I miss what we had together...
| I wasn't active enough...
| And you began hating on me, I really do miss you...
| I'm sorry I didn't act well as a friend...
| I will always miss you, my heart is broken...
| From July 8th, 2019, and onward...
| @SusanooNoMikoto, I love you...
| I always will, and I'll always miss you...

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3  Jul 8th 2019 13:25

Latest Questions

Q. Are you the Ultimate Scientist or whatever?
A. Detective...
I am Kyouko Kirigiri. The Ultimate Detective...
 Mar 27th 2019 20:38

RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. No, for once I didn't know something.
Thank you.
 Mar 12th 2019 15:45

Latest Comments

No! Of course I won't! It's your job to find out how on your own!


Kidding, I'll help. Not that I'll be very helpful though...I'm an introvert.

Rule number 1.

...Start off thinking they are complete a**holes, never have too high expectations for a person.

Rule number 2.

DO NOT give in to their friendship so easily, don't beg them for attention, or for friendship, it could make you appear desperate.

Rule number 3.

Do not get attached. They'll all die one day anyway.

Rule number 4

Mimic their gestures, it makes them more comfortable with you.

Rule number 5.

Be interesting, no boring conversation topics.

That's all for today.
Jul 8th 2019 10:55

im just gonna place this here..
May 16th 2019 19:00