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29 / Female / Forever Alone
United States
I play Both Male and Female.

Trying to get my English to be much better then it is. I understand that my English can be a bit on the sh*t side of thing. I make many mistakes to, But if you help me I would be very thankful for the help.

I want to be able to get good enough to be able to do a Full Para roleplay.

honestly, Most of the time I don't really know what I should type here. But I guess I will type Useless information. I guess I enjoy history and weird sense of humor.
And I enjoy role-plays with flawed characters.

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Q. Lets rp
A. k
 Jun 25th 2015 02:05

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Can we continue? I miss you.
May 7th 2020 05:40

Wtf I can’t respond... I was asking if my oc is ok
Apr 28th 2020 14:30