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(Kyle Rayner)
22 / Male / In a Relationship
Manhattan, New York - United States
Fearless enough to step foot on Themyscira if it means seeing @Donna_Troy (Ship not exclusive. Check rules for more details)

“But I'm just an artist. I doodle in the margins of notepads, I daydream about color and form, and monster trucks. I live half my life in a fantasy world.”

“You sound perfect.”

- Kyle Rayner and Superman, Superman: The Animated Series Season 3 Episode 7

Fourth in the lineage of the Green Lanterns of Sector 2814, Kyle Rayner was once but an aspiring comic book artist. Despite his talent with a pencil, the young man struggled to make a name for himself, earning his keep as a barman in between minor graphic design jobs to keep a roof over his head.

Kyle’s life would soon be turned upside down when far away in the stars above, Hal Jordan sacrificed his life to stop the villainous Sinestro once and for all, with his ring finding Kyle just as he was finishing his shift at the Ace O’Clubs, knighting him as the new Green Lantern of Sector 2814.

While lacking the confidence of his predecessor, Kyle more than makes up for it with a creative mind, able to craft constructs unlike any other. Under the guidance of Ganthet, as well as senior Lanterns Kilowog, Guy Gardner and John Stewart, Kyle Rayner may just have what it takes to fill the void left by Hal Jordan.


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