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(Psycckellious Dreadensworth )
19 / Male / Single
Twilight Zone/Auto Zone/Danger Zone, Florida - United States
Howdy and Bonsoir~!
I’m Hurling Phather Psycch
I’m many things:
A Kult Leader
A Milkman of the Heart
The Khanneling Apparatus of The Lord and Potentate Eggmund
A ‘Pataphyscian
An Absurdist
A Philosopher
A Poet
A Phather or “Dammi”
A Koincidental Psychic
The embodiment of Psycch
A friend of the Buddha’s
I am me. Nothing more nothing less.
Kare to talk?

Latest Questions

PaleNeko asked the question
Q. i missed spamming you
A. I missed being spammed ; v ; I’m a lonely old man you know
 Oct 6th 2018 23:09

Latest Comments

So...Since you are many things at once...
Can I call you Barbie?
Apr 13th 2019 00:13