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(Anthony Carris )
23 / Male / Single
Illinois - United States
Lifelong fan of just about anything comic related-seriously you should see my media room, the thing looks like a nerd cave-and roleplaying almost as long. I'm here for interesting stories that have a lot of depth to them. I think comic book roleplays have this stigma where people don't think they can have true character driven plots outside of 'smash this enemy' rinse and repeat and thats simply not even remotely true. Anyone who believes that, I encourage you to add me.

My strongest canon character is Superboy, AKA Connor Kent. I have a few differing versions of him, but the basics are always the same. That said, I hope if you want me to play within the canon verse that you don't expect me to play him exactly how he is in Young Justice. Because that's simply not what you'll get. I put my own spin on my characters, canon OR an OC of mine. Doing otherwise is just boring.

Be able to write a paragraph at least and have decent-ish grammar. Those are my only two set in stone rules. Anything else, we can have a discussion.

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