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Kruel_Thidares's Blog

A possible starter~

I hate to make this way too long for myself and you as well, So I'll be terse. I'm a lazy articulate Roleplayer.
But to be clear by "Lazy" I only mean I don't like to do unnecessary work.
I am here to maintain my daily doses of escapism. So if you need that as much as I do too, You may then succeed to get me to my hyperactive state away from the laziness and lethargy.

A possible RP we can play out:

Time of the RP: medieval era
Location: Royal castle
My OC: A lethargic prince who's soon to be king, His father's death have murdered his enthusiasm.
Name: Thidares
Age: 28
Height (If that matters): 6'0
Hair: Originally black but it's getting mixed with lots of grey
Eye color: Black

Starter: It's past afternoon as Thidares is still in bed, Liabilities accumulate larger each passing day. Your OC is his personal superintendent as it is one of your main concerns to make sure my OC is vigilant and consistent with his responsibilities. Thidares's room is isolated and it's located at the 4th floor of the castle. You suddenly notice what time it is as angrily you decide not only to go wake my OC but also not to let him have any breakfast as consequence for his irresponsibility.

If you have any other suggestion, I'm definitely willing to read/hear it as I am open to almost anything as long as it's matching my level of articulation. (Either short or long) I'll also consider your moods and capriciousness. Let's just try our best to make this work for each other.
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