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Latest Questions

Toraman asked the question
Q. Do you like bad puns?
A. Hm yeah, bad puns are quite amusing!
 Jun 7th 2021 21:03

RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Ah yes. Thank you.
 Mar 14th 2021 16:54

Latest Comments

Hey, are you okay? I understand if you're busy, but if it's possible, some indication that you're still here would be nice.
Sep 1st 2021 19:14

Hey, man, you okay?
Aug 1st 2021 16:08

Yes! Seems like it's going on. I might nudge you this time though.
Jun 4th 2021 12:30

Seems like a staring contest you wanted then!
Jun 4th 2021 05:54

Oh wait. I didn't miss something from you, Albedo or...did you restart the game?
Jun 3rd 2021 18:58

Now, I remember Kaeya or Diluc saying something about a discord group thing. I'm unsure everyone is there or not.
May 30th 2021 19:22

Seems almost like a lack of activity and folks opting to engage with each other much more openly. Almost too exclusive.
May 30th 2021 18:41

The obvious step was severing the mini-game for the time being. Identifying if there is any absence about around the verse~
May 29th 2021 19:04

I would had--if not to further put the Genshin verse closer together. I feel there is a form of separation out here, heh.
May 29th 2021 18:50

Seeeeee~? That's because i'm amazingly awesome. Mr. Albedo surely was shy---I was going to keep the mini game up for a little while longer.
May 29th 2021 18:47