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25 / Female / Single
Inkopolis, United States
-B1gBoye Tr4sh b3l0w-

Whaddup?! I'm Maya! Ifya couldn't tell I'm like, pretty well known? Y'know?
Splattalot magazine? Usually on the front cover? Nah? Jeez, must live under a rock.

Since I'm a model, I usually change up my appearance from time to time, heck I can look like an entirely different person, useful for when I'm walking in the streets.

I'm a bit of a unit out on the field, being an Octoling and all, I've had extensive and intense Splat-combat training so watch out for me when you're out there, or you're gonna get splatted!

-Admin Speak Below-

Heyp everyone. Just some info on me, I've been a roleplayer for 5+ years, so please only come to me if you know what you wanna do/have a roleplay idea in mind. I'm happy to brainstorm, but don't come to me expecting me to do all the work, I want you to put in effort too :p

I need to remind you that I'm quite a picky person, and I may deny friend requests simply for how you talk, or even the image quality of your pfp. Just a warning, so don't always keep your hopes up that you'll be accepted by me when you send a friend request.

I try to avoid ERP as much as I can and I never make a roleplay ERP-focused. It just doesn't appeal to me.

My style of roleplay is "Scriptless" roleplay, where essentially we're given a setting and a general direction of how things are gonna go, but we don't plan out everything from beginning to end. Doing this keeps the roleplay authentic and genuine.

Please don't approach me if you're not very experienced in roleplay, no sh*t like "uwu hewwo Kraken-ite *cuddles and hugs you*", it's infuriating.

I hope to meet some new people on here!

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