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Kor's Blog


Entry Log : 175
Subject: Extraterrestrial Life


The Kor are a large Silicon based life form from the planet that shares the same name as the species. Standing at around 7'5"-8'5" on average depending on the individuals " class ", on the surface they seem to resemble mammals or possibly reptiles. However, a closer look at their biology and social structure suggests a closer resemblance to the insects of earth. The Kor are covered in a hard exoskeleton, however they do have what appears to be some type of internal structure as well that separates organs and adds a second layer of protection.

Surprisingly, they are very humanoid in shape which is unexpected. Two legs, two arms, and a head that carries most of the sensory organs. However they are still very alien. Being Silicon based the Kor do not breath oxygen, or drink water. Instead they breath methane and drink it's liquid form. They're blood turns blue however when exposed to oxygen, suggesting that instead of using iron they rely on copper instead. Unlike humans, or most animals on Earth for that matter, the Kor do not have sexual dimorphism between male and female individuals. Instead all members of the species share the same body type. They also have the ability to alter their sex to better fit the needs of the colony as a whole. If the numbers of the species are dwindling, Roughly 75% of the population will switch to female to lay eggs for the remaining 25% of males to fertilize. And vise versa if they are struggling with overpopulation almost every member of the species will switch to male.

Their society is structured a bit like that of an ant colony. You have a queen at the very top of their society though it seems that position holds less power now than it once did and is more ceremonial than anything. Then they have what they refer to as The Council that actually governs the species as a whole. Below them are the Primearchs, then the Archs, and then finally the workers and soldiers. You do not chose a job in Kor society, instead you are born and bred for it, alot of Kor actually possessing special adaptations for their specific line of work though they are usually mental adaptations as opposed to physical.

Research is still ongoing with this strange new species, however public relations seem to be going well at the moment. As a species they seem to be very friendly, and more than willing to share information and spread their philosophy across the galaxy through peaceful talks. Everything I am sharing was given to us freely within the first few weeks of our first encounter.
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Name: Zew'idaw'uca
Age: 243 EY (earth years)
Height: 7'2"
Weight: 232lbs
Sex: Female (?)

Zew'idaw'uca is of the species Illuvian, from the planet D'tkar. Zew is roughly about the equivalent of a human in their mid 30s when it comes to age, and has been directed to a interstellar ships captain by the Illuvian Matriarchy, the governing body of D'tkar. Because of total governmental control of their society children are raised communally in nurseries referred to as Hatcheries. In these Hatcheries, Illuvians are studied by their caregivers and then assigned roled that best fit their innate skills and traits. Zew has always been adventurous, creative, and outgoing so she was selected to join the Matriarchy " Wayfinder " program. Given command of a " XK Class Super Carrier " after 90 years of flight and colonization experience, Zew was sent further than any Illuvian had ever physically traveled before. To a neighboring arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. However, along the way Zew encountered an oddity. A planetary system in the void in-between the two arms. And this system, seemed to be sending out signals though in a form of Radio waves the Illuvians have never really encountered before. Intrigued, Zew began probing the system, and brought her ship into orbit around an ice planet near the edge of the system. Only a month into their stop, She made contact with an alien ship, that seemed just as surprised as she was. This was the first time the Illuvians had ever made contact with Alien life, and being so far away from the Matriarchy, first contact protocol was in her hands. However, she also had the lives of the millions of passengers aboard to protect as well.
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