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(Divia Victris)
24 / Female / Single
United States
{ So there's not too much to go over. I'm a female from the States whos is in love with scifi settings and characters. I usually make individual characters for each roleplay and same with my plots, I usually make them up on the spot. I'm always open to different ideas so if you have something in mind just make sure to shoot me a message. I'm pretty relaxed, and I'm comfortable with most things. I'm just not too into sm*t that lasts too long. I like my romance and sm*t specifically to just be used as extra seasonings for the main overall plot. Admin is lesbian but I can roleplay with both males and females of all sexualities. }

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Aye if yall need me I'll probably be on my other account @Ageless for a while
0  Sep 24th 2020 09:43

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Sure, maybe tomorrow.
Sep 21st 2020 21:24