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19 / Male / Single
Dublin, Ireland
18+ only! Minors do not interact.

Hello, all! I am interested in finding long term, literate role play partners who would enjoy writing fandom based stories with me. I like getting to know my rp partners, so feel free to chat with me or share artwork/playlists/memes/et cetera. I’m friendly (I promise).

I typically write 1-2 paragraphs and ask that you at least do around the same. I prefer third person / past tense. I really like writing canon muses and am willing to pair with other canon characters or ocs! The fandoms that I write about are very near and dear to me so when considering things that are wildly opposed to canon, I will likely be more hesitant. If this doesn’t suit you, please bear the fact in mind (but I do love certain headcanons, crossovers, and au verses). I am fine with most anything dark, angsty, or edgy and don’t have many personal triggers. N*FW is acceptable but I do ask that sm*t not be the driving force in any story - it’s alright when it makes sense for the characters and context. LGBTQ+ pairings and characters are absolutely welcome!

Here are the fandoms that I’m currently looking for and the characters I write from each (I am open to playing others that aren’t listed, just ask), as well as a few possible ships:

BBC Sherlock - Sherlock Holmes, Jim Moriarty, Mycroft Holmes, Greg Lestrade
(Mormor, Johnlock, Mystrade)

Doctor Who - Ten, Eleven

Percy Jackson/Riordanverse - Leo Valdez, Percy Jackson, Connor or Travis Stoll, or an OC son of Hermes
(Jercy, Valdangelo, Valgrace, etc.)

Marvel - Matt Murdock, Peter Parker, Loki, Mutant OC (bio to be added!)

Harry Potter - Harry Potter, Newt Scamander

Supernatural - Castiel, Gabriel, OC Adriel

A very short list, I know. I am in many other fandoms besides the above but I enjoy these the most. I would also be open to crossovers with verses like Supernatural, Marvel, Harry Potter, et cetera. Again, feel free to ask.

I mainly roleplay on Discord so if you would prefer to connect there you can add me at Kleptomania#6251.

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