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(Klaus (Number 4) Hargreevers (the séance))
30 / Male / Single and Looking
Not your business , United States
Hey are you reading this ? Well you should, I'll keep it short and sweet. My Name is Klaus,I can talk to the dead. I would rather be high , so that makes it impossible to talk to the dead. Also I'm gay so dont try to date me if your a girl.

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Anyone want to roleplay how I ment your mother? Gay of coruse
0  May 6th 2019 14:38

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AMNESIAX asked the question
Q. klausssssssssssssssssssssss
A. Sorry sexy boy I was working♡
 Apr 23rd 2019 15:53

Q. you busy?
A. Sorry i was probly alseeñ
 Dec 13th 2018 22:21

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thanks for the add man wanna RP?
Mar 1st 2019 20:05

Sounds like a great idea
Mar 1st 2019 20:00

Any ideas on what to do?
Mar 1st 2019 19:40

Very bored
Mar 1st 2019 19:36

How are you?
Mar 1st 2019 19:34

“Hello dear brother”
Mar 1st 2019 17:09

Jan 23rd 2019 21:35

Jan 23rd 2019 18:58

as a friend i will be here to help you you can always talk to me even though it might do of no use :)
Dec 11th 2018 22:05