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17 / Female / Single
Iowa - United States
My Name Is Kelly, I love to RP so feel free to message me anytime. I like doing Action, Romance, and Fantasy Role plays. I'm pretty Flexible with RP's, just shoot me your ideas. One more thing! I may take a day or two to reply. I have a super busy schedual with school, work, church events, and sports. I will have days were I can reply to everyone and days were I can'r even get on.
I do have some standard rules. Don't Panic, it's nothing complicated.

1. No one liners
2. Make sure your message is understandable (Grammar errors are okay)
3. No Godmodding
4. If you don't like our RP, tell me
5. If you don't like my message, tell me
6. I only RP in third person
7. Contribute to the plot
8. Have Fun :D

Suggested RP Topics: OC, Naruto, Fairy Tail, AOT, South Park, Miraculous Ladybug, Soul Eater, Blue Exorcist, etc.
(If you have something else in mind let me know.)

Latest Questions

Q. hewwo?
A. Sorry, I haven't been on for the past two week, school starting back up has kicked my butt.
 Jan 15th 2019 23:00

Q. Hey are you alright?
A. I'm fine, sorry I'm just busy. I'll reply as soon as possible.
 Jan 3rd 2019 18:08

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