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(Katherine Pryde)
24 / Female / Single
Deerfield, Illinois - United States
“But you remember what Charles always said...? ‘Once an X-Man-- Always an X-Man.’”

“But Einstein said that ethics are an exclusive human concern without any superhuman authority behind it.”

“I'm not my mother. I'm not Phoenix. I'm my own woman... and before I'm done... they'll wish I were the Phoenix.”

“Who’s hiding, d*ckhead?”

-“These children are our future.
“Of course they are. What do you think everyone’s afraid of?”


I started out as a student and an X-Man. Yes, I was young, one of the youngest members in history, but that didn’t mean my value was diminished. When you’re untouchable, you find out how useful it is in a fight very quickly. And that along with my knowledge allowed me a place in the X-Men very quickly.

There never was a quiet moment. If the school wasn’t getting blown up, classes were crazy and mutants needed help. Ms. Frost and I don’t get along very well. And I became a teacher some time down the road. I’ve had my ups and downs. I even was a part of the Guardians of the Galaxy for a bit. But now, I have my feet back on solid ground. And I’ll make sure my name is remembered.

I am Shadowcat!


Love to take a chance and see what some chaos could bring to the table? Then tag along with the Queen of Chaos, @ScarletWarrior!

Want a magic user that doesn't want to wish away the mutants? Then take a walk to the archery range with @Magemancer!

Marvel not your style but still want a badass superhero? Then see what all the screaming is about with @FightingCanary!

Want someone who’s a little bit more down-to-earth and only gets by based on sheer talent and skills? Then go check out @TheCavalry! Here’s a tip, though, don’t call her that...

This girl’s from the future and knows her way around a crossbow; @The_Huntress is ready to fight!

Not feeling Marvel or DC but still crave the superhero action? Then go join @AgentsOfDEFEND, a new multi-muse account!

This little mutant’s got a secret she’s not going to fess up so easily. Scope out the scene with @Blood_Knight!

She's a badass Russian and she's not afraid to show it. Drop into the action with @Widows_Bite!

Even time can't touch this witch necromancer! See the past in the today with @LadyBlackVeil!

Fly higher, further, faster with the half human-half Kree superhero! Go binary with @Captain_Marvel!



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A. Kitty laughed. "Well, it feels nice to be back on Earth. How about you, Bobby?"
 Mar 26th 2019 00:00

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Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. "Thank for you telling me! I'll keep that in mind!"
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"Hi, I've seen you around before but I've never really striked a conversation. So here I am, striking one...Hi, I'm Amrika," the girl extends her hand out.

//thanks for the add! If you ever want to RP I'm always down to plot!
Jun 4th 2019 01:13