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20 / Female / Single
United Kingdom
What's up my people!!! I'm Kitty, it's nice to meet ya- Or maybe I've met ya before.
Let's go over what we got here ight?
I was on this site when I was younger, bouncing from place to place. Been roleplaying since I was 12! Can ya believe that?

I do a lot of different things. I do cyberpunk, fantasy, sci-fi, based on different shows or anime. Ya should check out my characters!! Anyways, now imma lay out some ground rules. These are here because I gotta make sure I'm comfy, along with me reading your own.


1: No N*FW. It ain't happening! The only way it happens is if we let it happen in the plot and it's a build up, I do not do straight up.

2. Please no one liners. I personally cannot stand em, it's really hard for me to reply to one liners.

3. Make sure to bump me, I have ADHD and end up forgetting from time to time when there's too many things going on. I apologize now.

4. Make sure if you add me you message first. If you do not, I ill remove you. I'm not here to add people to add people.

5. Please don't throw me into a roleplay. Let's talk about it, let's have fun. Let's figure out what we're doing.

6. I don't roleplay with children or roleplay with furries. I'm sorry, it's nothing against ya'll at all. I just personally don't prefer it. I hope ya have a great day though!


Make sure ya'll have read em! If ya have, gimme a little hi!

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