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16 / Female / Its Complicated
South Carolina - United States
You can call me kitten. I normally do romance and fantasy. I rarely do nasty roleplays and if I do I will be submissive always. So, if your character is submissive I refuse to roleplay with them, sorry just how I am. I never do over three paragraphs rarely will I do one liners but you know. I am not trying to date on here, I may flirt but not going to date here. if i do date you we have to know and be friends for at least 6 months before I even consider to date you, because this is not a dating site, kind of sketchy to date on here. I will put a blog up with some rules, I'll also put some rules up. But, I'll put my two most important rules on here.
1. Never spam me, I do have a life if you message me more than 4 times in 1 hour youre getting unfriended, sorry.
2. Do not be pushy with me.

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