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(Hina Veita)
18 / Female / Single
United States
A kitty without someone to take care of her~

{For now, I'll only be taking a few rps at once, once those slots are filled I won't be doing anymore just to avoid any stress.}

4/5 Current Roleplays

[Rules of this account]

{I am not here looking for anything other than a good rp, I'm into mature themes and my roleplays consist of it which means I generally prefer my rps to have more maturity to story but that doesn't mean I won't have any story. I will tell you my kinks and limits in dms so don't be afraid to ask!}

(I don't do one liners so don't try to add me if that's all you are capable of doing.)

(No instant starters, talk about it first then we can get to it)

(No abusive play or degrading at all, I might do master x pet style rps but I do not like master x slave)

(I will only play as my character nothing else, if you are looking for anything else I'm not the person for it)

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