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Kishibe's Blog

Roleplay Sample: (Can provide an NSFW one)

She did get a pretty good read on Aki this time, he was actually on edge. This was the first time he was sent out on an assignment away from Tokyo. He was also made aware of the importance of this mission from the lips of the same woman who sent them out here in the first place. He didn't want to screw things up, on the surface level it made sense. This was a way to keep ties strong with other divisions and could also make or break Tokyo's reputation in this particular sector. On a deeper level he didn't want to let the woman who entrusted him with this mission down.

Hearing her comment on his hair did cause him to raise a brow and once more bring his attention to her. "Don't get any funny ideas and try to cut it off like last time." He'd keep his cigarette in his mouth, crossing his arms a little as he said those words and leaned against his seat. He was still a bit upset at her over that incident especially because of how drunk she got him in order to do it.

It was Himeno's turn to strike, she had a pretty interesting way of going on the offense, teasing him instead of just calling him out like any other person would. "I'm not that much of a drag, if I'm coming all the way out here I might as well get in the water. Her words were doing their job pushing him a little out of his comfort zone. Aki did want to swim, he did want to do all these different things. If only he could break the whole cool guy persona for a little while, that would be a start. Feeling her nudge against his ankle, Aki kept his arms crossed. Not much had changed when it came to how they saw and treated each other. The only real difference was that a younger Aki would probably grow a little flustered at her nudging or just teasing in general, like most of the other guys. Aki was still a bit too prideful to ever admit to any of that.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly or at the very least followed routine up until that question. Now he was the one trying to avert his gaze from her. Aki was still pretty young and his reaction was proof of it. He almost seemed like a high schooler getting asked about their first crush. The way his hands seemed a bit too jittery and were all but away from the previous calm pose. He'd take another puff to ease himself a little.

"That's a first, did you talk to Makima-san?" There he goes trying to avoid the question, although he was genuinely curious about the question he asked. There had been a rumor that the two women recently sat down together and he did want to know what the context of that meeting and conversation between them was. Aki paid close attention to some of the upcoming stops knowing they’ll be reaching their destination soon.
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Crime Roleplay Ideas (Involves Kishibe or an OC)

1.) A member of an organized crime group decides to try to get out once and for all. It could be a woman in his life or just him started to realize he's been throwing his life away. The bosses aren't too fond of the idea, he tries to get away with the woman but things go wrong and he loses her during an attempt on his life. He leaves the city for a good few years tries to start a new life but something draws him back, the loss of the one person he loved the most and hatred towards the people that took her from him drive him back to the city. He could find out his lover's murder was put aside as an accident and can't come to terms with that idea.

Perhaps during a little bit of his digging he comes across a female private investigator or detective who's also been on the organization's case and also isn't convinced that the death was an accident. The two decide to work together for their own reasons and try to take on the crime syndicate together. During their time and work together perhaps the broken man can start to feel a bit for the woman working alongside him, it could just be a simple bond between partners first but it could end up blooming into much more as he starts to come to terms with the biggest loss of his life along with his troubled past.

2.) An older, experienced, and tired detective is growing sick of his occupation. Crimes seem to be getting more gruesome as he starts to feel some contempt towards the younger generations as well as this haunting idea that he's sort of been left behind in the past. He could also start to see how blatant and clear the corruption is when it comes to his police precinct. As he starts to consider calling it quits he has a falling out with his spouse (If he had one, he could also be a Widower) which ends up pushing him to resign only to be pushed on one last case. This case ends up being bigger than he and anyone else at the station expected and could even lead to the exposure of a few of the higher-ups. During his investigations he could come across a journalist who may resent him or not take too kindly to him due to his occupation. She could be investigating the corruption in the police and could consider him part of that dirty group. The two later on end up forming an unlikely partnership as they looked to take down some of the corrupt officials along with the criminal organization that has them in their pocket.

3.) My final idea is a bit different from the other two. It revolves around two contract killers sent out on a job. It should be a simple hit with no big issues, and no real reason for two hired guns. Either way the two are sent on their way and end up staking out their target staying at a hotel near by and keeping an eye on their moves. As this is going on their personalities and different methods start to clash with one of them being more of a 'professional' criminal while the other is a bit more of a loose canon or any of those sorts of contrasting dynamics. Things could end up going south as a result of their bickering and they could end up botching the hit. That causes a chain reaction where the two end up being targeted by their own employers along with their intended target's crew.

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Chainsaw Man Roleplay Ideas (Expect more)

1.) The Private Devil Hunter: While out on a routine job trying to take down an extremely powerful Devil things take a surprising turn when a mysterious person takes down his target before he does. What was supposed to be a routine job turns into him trying to track down the person who took the Devil down. He could report them for killing the creature without authorization but he'd much rather find out about the person who was strong and skilled enough to take such a beast down with ease.

2.) Partners: With the recent loss of another partner, working an occupation where most people die young was starting to weigh heavily on the older man. Drinking more than usual and acting a bit more careless while on the job, the experienced Devil Hunter gets assigned a much younger rookie devil hunter to work alongside of. He has to show them the ropes but also watch out for them feeling they could become easy prey if they make the same mistakes his partners made. The clashing views on their occupation along with different light experiences could cause some friction between the two but he just can't stand losing another partner.

3) Clean Hit: A Devil Hunter should only be going after Devils? That's a simple way to sum up the job description. Things however take a different turn when someone's been going around using an illegal contract to take out a Devil Hunter or two. The aggressor should have been taken in alive, but the classified nature of the operation and knowledge the 'target' has requires them to be taken out. For someone as battle-hardened and worn as Kishibe taking out this target should be like taking out a devil, at the very least that's what the higher-ups think.

4) Devil Tamer (Extremely NSFW): After capturing and extremely powerful and or troublesome devil/fiend (can work with Asa/Yoru, Fami, Power, Reze, or any demon/devil OC), Kishibe is given full custody of the supernatural entity. Depending on the threat level he is given the option of keeping them in a lock-up facility or he gets to keep them at home. He keeps them collared and sometimes even leashed for his own safety and twisted pleasure. Sometimes serving as his only companion he tells them of his many stories, goes on drunk tirades or even pushes to their limits testing their physical abilities and strength knowing at the very end that they're no match for him. His end goal is full submission and loyalty from his subject. (Depending on your interests and where exactly you'd like to take this rp, I don't mind throwing in some breeding or much darker subjects into this particular play.)
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- OOC Approach

- Multi-Para Replies

- Plotting first

- Third Person Perspective

- No Spamming Friend Request

- No RL face claims

- Minors DNI
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|| Just writing out a kink list.

- Size difference

- Manhandling

- Rough sex

- Stand and Carry position

- Choking/Chokeholds

- In front of mirror

- Hotdogging

- Recording/videotaping

- Messy facials

- Oral focus

- Ruined makeup

- Clothed sex

- Uniforms

- Stealth Sex (Trying to stay quiet in risky locations)

- Throat f***ing

-Choker breaking

- Throat bulging

-C*ck slapping
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