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20 / Female / Single
Time zone: CEST UTC+2, United Kingdom
Welcome! You can call me Lynn. Don't let my username fool you: I can be a pretty good romantic~! I'm a sucker for good romance plots with other genres mixed in as well.

Some things you need to know in advance:

➼ MxM only.
➼ I only play the sub role.
➼ N*FW is a must.
➼ Multi para and Novella only (4+ paragraphs).

I have plenty of plots I'd like to try out, so feel free to look at them! I'd love to hear your ideas too, though! I also have some characters I'd love to play for you if you wish, but you're more than welcome to request for a completely new character for our plot. I'd love to make one for you!

Please have a look at my rules as well. I will check if you have read them.
You're welcome to check out my characters and plots, too! Please leave a heart at my rules so I know that you have looked into my profile. Otherwise I will probably not add you.

Also, please check my status updates before asking me why I'm not replying. I'll post something whenever I know that I'm gonna be busy. I'm not going to send you a message about any potential delays, because then I'll have to do that with everyone.

Thank you~(*’∀’人)♥

OC's: Note: The ones with this sign (⊘) behind a name are exclusive to one roleplay. They are only up there for the convenience of my partners. You cannot pick these characters. I'm happy to make a character for our roleplay as well, if you prefer!

Plots? Many
Characters? Lots of 'em
Enthusiasm? Skyrocketing
Hotel? Trivago

Latest Status

So I called the doctor yesterday because I noticed something... odd on my breast and I wanted to make sure it's nothing serious. The dude tells me I can't make an appointment, I'm not allowed to go down there because of corona measures, EVEN THOUGH I don't have any of the symptoms. So if in one year from now I'm diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, I'll let y'all know
Mood: annoyed
2  Aug 8th 2020 09:11

Latest Questions

Q. I think I'm gay now ;3 will you marry me? <3
A. Who of us should get a sex change? :P You want the perfect lesbian marriage and I want the perfect gay one ;D
 Apr 29th 2019 22:48

Q. You okay? Your last post is super relatable, I know how much it sucks, so I thought I’d check in.
If that makes any sense.
A. Oh yeah, I'm fine! I sometimes have my emotional moments, sorry to have made you worry ^^" I'm also sorry I haven't replied yet, I swear it's on its way!
 Apr 29th 2019 09:39

Latest Comments

I haven't given up! I won't abandon the site, I promise! I've been in the process of moving and stuff, and recently got a new cat!! I'll probably reply today! ily <3
Jul 24th 2020 18:06

just dropping by to say you're the cutest bunny
Dec 23rd 2019 16:11

you're so cute<33333
Dec 13th 2019 17:39

hi I c u
Nov 26th 2019 21:50

Watch it
Nov 9th 2019 16:40

I'm always right
Nov 9th 2019 15:51

Aww, you too shy? I thought you liked it public
Nov 9th 2019 15:30

hi sushi
Nov 9th 2019 05:23

Hey ^-^ Just to let you know, I'll be off later as I am going out to dinner later on, so if I don't respond right away if you do find the time respond, that'll be the reason why ^^"
Apr 15th 2019 12:11