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20 / Male / Single
Missouri - United States
Just a bit about me. I am a long time roleplayer. It has been a while since I have roleplayed in general though so cut me some slack would ya.
I am straight. lol. But seriously. I only accept females.

Okay. So. I want to address this first. I am here to have fun. I personally don't have any kinks lol but I am okay with just about anything. I am somewhat dom but I started out as sub. So once again, cut me some slack. x.x

My number one rule is to have fun. I can't stress this enough. Other than that I am chill and just plan to roleplay. I am here for the literature and such. Don't expect me to start drama.

Finally. I am okay with playing mostly any character. I am multi-character so I will play any face claim. HOWEVER, I will not be doing any cannon. I don't like the pressure of trying to satisfy a fandom or thing that I do or do not know of.

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I'm alive. I promise. Just give me a couple more days. I am a bit burnt out right now lol.
2  Nov 26th 2020 00:37

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