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Ah quiet-
4  5 hours ago

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Q. Aweee, thank you bestiee for the shoutout!!! It means so much ^^
I actually didn’t notice until now.
A. I actually just added it today because I was taking someone out of it xD
 May 3rd 2021 18:34

Q. We should talk more thennnnn
A. I talk alot in the status comments so feel free to join those chats x3
 Apr 13th 2021 12:42

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It is not allowing me to message you back. Site's bullying me rn.
21 hours ago

Apr 30th 2021 17:38

Apr 12th 2021 21:42

Apr 12th 2021 21:39

Mar 22nd 2021 14:50

*Shrugs* It's okay that you're stupid
Mar 22nd 2021 14:23

Mar 22nd 2021 14:18

Stupid roach
Mar 22nd 2021 14:16

*"ummmmmmmmmmmmm...bye!" runs*
Mar 12th 2021 18:36

*"your comment...broke him...he is now in shock"*
Mar 12th 2021 18:33