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(Kikara Aishikoza)
26 / Female / In a Relationship
Pennsylvania - United States
I'm a simple girl who loves to make friends and just have fun. I hope we can get along and rp a great time! If I stop respondng after some time it means I am at work or sleep finally slapped me in the face lol. If you are interested in rping with me, please make sure to read my rule blog please ^-^

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Latest Status

If I have one more guy friend me and call me pet names or something flirty with 'wanting to do a literate roleplay' for it to be degrading sm*t without an actual story..just ugh.. Take a hint from IN a Relationship to one of my damn rules in a blog!
Mood: annoyed
4  Sep 13th 2023 00:37

Latest Questions

Q. How are you
A. I am good. Sorry I have just been super busy and I haven been preparing for Christmas so I will try to respond the best I can when I have the time
 Dec 17th 2022 23:20

Latest Comments

It’s ok, I understand! I’m just glad you’re ok. If you ever need emotional support, I’m always here for you.
May 3rd 2023 17:19

I beg your pardon, but it’s been two months now, are you ok? I’m starting to worry about you.
May 3rd 2023 17:12

Hey. You ok?
Dec 25th 2022 15:16

thank you for accepting my friend request ^-^
hope we can discuss a roleplay sometime soon. Don't have many rules, but I have a good portion of my character descriptions posted^-^
Nov 29th 2022 01:10