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Kevi-n's Blog

Likes and dislikes.

- Meat, crazy in love;
- Motors;
- Motorbikes;
- Races (he only watches but would like racing himself);
- Expensive accessories and helmet;
- Boys (gay, but he has never found the courage to reveal it to any family member or friend);
- MX, Xiao Zhan, Block B, Stray Kids, Jay Park, Zelo;
- Swearing (he completely stopped believing in God regardless his mother is very devoted);
- Using old, rich men to get their gifts (even acting like their toyboy, but this part belongs to the dislikes);
- Being a bottom (he tried being top but didn't like it);
- Alcohol;

- Cooking (because of their restaurant's situation but he is decent at it);
- Delivering and anything related to the family restaurant;
- Fish and vegetables;
- His own old things, clothes and motorbike;
- Studying (he often doesn't go to school, his situation is tragic and it doesn't help with his parents' relationship at home);
- Classic music;
- Drugs (he happened to smoke weed but got caught by police and punished twice, by his father too);
- Arguments between others (he has to leave and hide);
- Getting scolded for every little thing (as it happens too often at home);
- Staying at home;

- Height, due to a shocking fall when he was 4.;
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Kevin Zhou

He has an adoptive, mixed family. His mother is from England while his father is chinese, they got together and found out he couldn't have children, so they decided to adopt and they ended up with a large, multiracial family. Two older children from Africa, one from South America and the last from China. The youngest is Kevin, with his 17 years old.
His mother worked in an orphanage in Shanghai. He always lived there from what he remembered. She got closer to the shy, little boy and decided to bring him home.
They had a fine house and a family business. Things went well with the family restaurant so they had nothing to worry about, until things started to change because of worldwide crisis.

Older children left home eventually, only Kevin remained and he was forced to help for free in the restaurant when not going school. Cooking, delieveries, a bit of everything. They had very little customers and also their quality started to drop. His parents kept arguing out of stress and it all fell on Kevin's shoulders, causing him to be totally sick of his home and life. There were many things he wanted but couldn't afford, not even after working in the restaurant. He couldn't even dream to study something he liked because of the financial situation.
Instill he knew it wasn't their fault but still, what could he do? Wanting what other young boys can have is a crime?
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A third twin

WuXin, the weakest, who shouldn't have survived the first days. WuNing, the strongest, who would have had a chance outside Yung manor. They know close to nothing about the mysterious circumstances of the third child.
Truth is, Lady Qiu knew she wouldn't have survived, regardless she went to bless her children in three different temples, hoping the best for them. Light, Love and Life.
The pregnancy of three was already difficult, plus she was weak from the very beginning, not suitable to have children, and with no support from her husband. She knew and she was sorry, deeply sorry for her children, she had to find a way to assure they'd live so she asked for help to one of the few friends she had in life. Lady Nian, wife of Admiral Nian. She was well aware she was about to have twins, she could feel all of them, and she was also aware of the fate they could have had as such.
Before giving birth, she prepared three packages, one for each, with the names she wanted to give them written on top; Yibo, Yifan and Yiyu. Courtesy names WuXin, WuTang and WuNing. In each package, one set of clothes (hanfu, 6 years old size, white decorated in gold for WuXin, pink with red decorations for WuTang and light blue with white decorations for WuNing), a plush (Tenshu, strawberry finch and snow leopard), and a letter, same for everyone.

| My child. I'm sorry I cannot be there to take care of you. I really wanted to be, hold you tight, comfort your cry, see you feels impossible.
My love for you is endless but even if my feeling is strong, my body is too weak. I have to leave early but I'll be looking after you from the Halls. You can count on your oldest brother and lady Nian for anything, I leave you in good hands. I wish you live a long and happy life - your mom |

She studied a plan to let the children have them but it was ruined by Liao, who found out. Outside, she set a powerful curse to make him unable to destroy them in any way - the late General hid them somewhere not to risk the news he had three twins could spread.

When they were born, she didn't want anyone inside except the physician. She gave birth to WuNing first, then WuTang and last WuXin.
She paid the physician to give two of them to Lady Nian, telling him where he'd find her waiting. She died not long after, her bleeding wouldn't stop. The physician saw them three and got a different idea, since one was already so weak and close to die. He took only one, WuTang, to Lady Nian.
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Yoshi and Noriyori

Another future, actually where Gamja came from in the very beginning but not exactly the same. This time, Noriyori had a younger sister, Yoshi. They are Avatars of Justice and Death. PaOh and Haru died and the two had to live on their own since very young. Eventually Noriyori decided to move on Earth in hope things will be easier for them there.

They arrived a year ago, Yoshi goes to school and Noriyori does thousands part time jobs to pay for their house (add some trash around, no one of them is tidy) and her school. Noriyori is always the same arrogant brat but has a d*ck this time, Yoshi the opposite.
Regardless Noriyori's behaviour, he takes care of Yoshi and works really hard.
He works as sale assistant during the day in a clothes store and in a bar as waiter. He has time during the evening and needs money still, so he looks for a club needing another part timer and finds SW Pil.
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In Korea again

He and XinLi go on Earth. Haru is not the happiest to send her pure baby boy with that rascal of XinLi but at the same time Yoshi looks excited to return on Earth, so she lets him. ''Take care. Eat well, not only vegetables and don't let XinLi put you in dangerous situations.''
''Don't worry, umma! We will have fun for a few days and return! XinLi said he wants to visit Korea, the old Palace and the museums!'' It is such an exciting activity for him, no wonder he wants to go.

After greeting her, LianBi and the grandpa, he gets his pockets full of so much money and Hiro also gave him some jars with his homemade food, reassuring him it is vegan. He knows it is not though, he will give it to some stray dog.
He carries his baggage and waits for XinLi. Together, they port in Seoul and begin to wander the city, before to even find a hotel where to stay. He is wearing
Surprise surprise, Yoshi has driving licence and Hiro gave him the keys of a car he uses when on Earth. They go to take the car first and to everyone's surprise, but maybe not even much, they find . They'd better not have thought he wouldn't be greedy even about cars.

Yoshi is a little perplexed but what can they do, they take the car. It takes half hour to turn on, since it wasn't used in years. ''It is even low on oil!''
They go to fill the car with oil then XinLi insists to stop by a bar. While Yoshi orders the food, XinLi says he has to go to the bathroom.
Yoshi waits a lot for him but he just doesn't come, even after a hour. He receives his message eventually. | I ran away, go to do something on your own! We will meet again when we'll have to return to Xhuanghen |
He feels baffled and stunned. ''Aigoo...what do I do alone?'' He looks down and finishes his food, then drives around, to see if he can find XinLi but he is nowhere to be found.

Eventually he parks the car and takes a walk in a park, while searching online for a hotel where he could go for the night.
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