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(Silver Bell Moonza)
22 / Female / Single
Ohio - United States
          Came to peek in have you?
        Might you be looking for a story?

Moo~ Welcome venturing vagabond to my humble abode. I am just your average kind furry roleplayer and go by the names of Moonza or Dear narrator. If you are looking to write long term roleplays with anthro's & Humans alike then I may perhaps be of assistance~

✖ | No face claims | No Blank Profiles | No Illiterate Roleplayers |
★ | Be respectful | Be active | Anime / Furies Welcomed | Open
✎ | Characters in the blogs | Ideas in blogs | Original ideas mainly
     Only fools rush. Replies shall be at my own pace

More coming soon ᛫ ᛫ ᛫

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